Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stupid head injuries

I read and responded to Adam's comment (he's my only reader, I think) and was going to sign off then thought the purpose of this blog is to at least get some expression out there on a regular basis.

I'm tired tonight. Today I had a headache, a common thing since I bonked my head on the point of an open cabinet door last week. The spot isn't as swollen as it was but it's still sore. I think I'll call our insurance company's nurse hot line tomorrow just to discuss with someone. I had a concussion in 2000 when our Old English Sheepdog, Woofles, suddenly pulled me forehead-first down onto the sidewalk when I was walking him. He never intended to hurt me, because he loved me so much. I loved him back for sure, right up to his passing in May 2007. I have never been quite the same since that head injury; mainly I have an uneasiness that I never had before. I started taking Prozac two years ago and that has helped. Mike says that my football career is over and it makes me laugh when he jokes that way.

My schedule has been nuts for some months. I need to get it together to rebuild my yoga practice. I know for certain that if I begin a daily practice again that my strength and grace will grow, and maybe will prevent these weird head injuries from happening in the future.

That's all I have tonight.


Ron said...

Maybe this:
OES Puppy pics
will help?

Hi, I can't believe I just came across your blog like this.

I'm the webmaster of oes.org and I read your story about Woofles and (and your headaches) and I was hoping to brighten your day a bit.

We have a large OES community/forum at our
OES forum
if you want to talk about Woofles (or your NEXT OES ;) ).

Well, I don't want to look so spammy so I'll just say I'm sorry about your head and I'm sure Woofles is too.

Adam said...

Hey lydia--
Thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog. I really like your poll.

BTW I'm SURE I'm not your only reader. If you look at your profile, you have had a whopping 42 visits. That's not bad, considering that your blog is only about a 3 weeks old. One thing that actually helped me out a lot in terms of increasing popularity was actually posting more images. If you post images with interesting or relevant file names, google image search is a lot more likely to find them and show searchers your blog. Not only that, but a nice image helps break the plainness of miles and miles of text--not that there's anything wrong with that.

Did you watch Napoleon Dynamite yet? When you do, comment and tell me what you think.

PS. It would be helpful if you could put a hyperlink to my blog in your post. For example when you are typing an entry, you can highlight some text and click the icon that has a picture of a world with some chain links over it. then you type the adress and it turns blue and underlines it. If you would do that for me I would do the same for you.

Thanks so much,



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