Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dazzling Brightness

Last Thursday Mike and I drove over the snowy Cascades to Bend to attend the memorial service for a dear family member. After the standing-room-only community service, family gathered at my cousin Ann's high desert home. All my cousins from that side of the family were there, along with their spouses, grown children, and the next generation of smart and beautiful little ones (including one adorable surprise, Zoe, whose entry into the family was news to me!). It had been years since I'd seen my cousins and their families and I'd nearly forgotten what remarkable people they are. I kept saying to Mike, "I love my family" because I was struck moment to moment by this dazzling brightness around them. There was a light born of unconditional love, ringing laughter, deep respect, shared sorrow, sweet memory, and celebration of one another and of those no longer with us.

We took pictures and have some good shots. But I needed something for this post that was more representative of how it felt to be in the presence of family. In this painting of Yosemite I recognized their shining spirit, joy, peace, fellowship, and strength. Looking at it: nothing more need be said.

painting of Yosemite - subscription


rachael said...

Hi, Lydia!

I know what you mean about being in the presence of family, and the painting of Yosemite that you chose for this post is absolutely beautiful.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I looked up the mary chapin carpenter song on itunes and I don't really care much for it either, but now I'll think of it every time I see that sunset through the winshield picture (:

Adam said...

wow. I think its crazy that you can just drive over to the cascades like it was your local supermarket. It must be really cool living that close to something that beautiful.

I dont know, I guess its just the same for me and lake erie, but sometimes its just such a dump.

Theres a water cleanliness factor thats in the newspapers and an unhealthy water bacteria level is like 230 or something. Ive seen days that most parts of the lake on the cleveland side are in excess of 10,000. I dont like that considering the majority of the worlds fresh water comes from the great lakes.


sharryb said...

I love the idea of choosing a picture that reflects how you feel about an experience. I get pretty caught up in taking photos when another image might be much more apt. The one you chose would also work for the visit I just had with my parents (90 year old vibrant beings) and daughter and grandchildren. Glowing.


PS I really like your sidebar regarding including your age and that's a big deal because I sometimes think I can't be 66 and that's a big deal because I am.

Lydia said...

Rachael, Adam, and Sharry -
I enjoyed each of your comments so much. They added to the feeling of my post; much appreciated.



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