Saturday, January 10, 2009

his carping mouth

Political Nonsense

I was saddened just to hear the bitter rancour
in his voice, a sour hostility aloof of commonsense,
and ranks who sat in audience held captive to his
ranting must have felt it too. Was this the one
who said he’d lead us to a promised land? How
could a man of honour make the dead surmise
he’d cosset us with obvious and barefaced lies?

I asked my fellow listeners what they thought
about his claims that malfeasance was soured
within this state by parliamentary representatives
but not, of course, those members seated where
he sat in opposition. His disposition was to blame
the government as if he wasn’t part of it.

All the ailing wrongs he thought could spring
his party into power were teased and spun and wrung
and spread as seeds of dour dissent, I knew
he meant to state a case that wasn’t based
on truth or justice as we’d wont from Courts of Law,
and yet he had the irksome gall to ask us for our trust!

And thus the blame he sought to wield
was placed beyond the span of ordinary men
and governance and doubt, and slipped his hands
to neatly slice his foot and place it
sweetly in his carping mouth.

© Ivan Donn Carswell

top photo: taken at U of Illinois 2006 from Aaron Chambers
lower photo:



distracted by shiny objects said...

I get the feeling that this is "business as usual" for him. Have never gotten the impression of an idealistic young man out to better his world getting sucked down the drain of politics. I think he was a crooked peg to start with.
Could be entirely wrong, but I do so dislike a man with a smirk.
PS. the word verification for this comment is "cathead"! Use that word 3 times in a sentence today:>)
I'm working on it right now...

Darlene said...

He wants to blame everyone except himself. I wonder if he thinks this will get him out of hot water? He is so arrogant it's sickening.

Lydia said...

It was so funny earlier today when I was reading your comment challenging me to use "cathead" three times in a sentence today, because at the same moment my husband was teasing me that he was going to snip off the tiny beard underneath Willow's baby cathead I was thinking what a jerk cathead Blagojevich is.....oops I meant to call him a fat head, not a cathead! :) :) :)

I think he is truly a delusional man and I feel sorry for Illinois having to deal with the arrogance that you pegged.

YogaforCynics said...

I kinda think he makes the other politicians look good by comparison. I mean, seriously, this guy's gotta be the most comically flagrant corrupt official since the prefect, played so ably by Claude Rains, in Casablanca....

Word Verification: slikwum

Lydia said...

Slikwum...are you kidding?! Sounds like slick one so how appropriate.

Yea, Claude Rains payed the prefect perfect(ly)...and, although he was a funny-looking little dude he wasn't a caricature.....

dmarks said...

The brazenness happens elsewhere. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick comes to mind, and that guy who ran for governor against David Duke (he won, because I just can't imagine choosing David Duke over someone like Blagojevich)

Lydia said...

I'll have to do some research about the mayor you mentioned, as I'm not familiar with the particular horrors he may have perpetrated on the citizens you trusted him. Yea, David Duke would be probably the last person I'd ever vote for. At least right now I can't think of a lower bottom feeder in the political pool than Duke.

a little bird said...



I almost feel bad for the guy. Operative word being almost :)

Lydia said...

l-o-b-o-t-o-m-y another operative word and I've heard it does wonders for denial. :)



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