Thursday, June 25, 2009

perhaps, no longer pawns of time . . .

Denn sieh: sie werden leben und sich mehren
-by Rainier Maria Rilke

There's also this to see: They will live on, they will
no longer pawns of time.
They will grow like the sweet wild berries
the forest ripens as its treasure.

Then blessed are those who never turned away
and blessed are those who stood quietly in the rain.
Theirs shall be the harvest; for them the fruits.

They will outlast the pomp and power
of lawmakers, whose meanings will crumble.
When all else is exhausted and bled of purpose,
they will lift their hands, that have survived.

Photo: mass rally Azadi (Freedom) Square, Tehran. Iran, 6-15-2009 (AP)

Photo: Pro-Mousavi demonstrators, Val i Asr Ave., northern Tehran. June 2009 (New York Times)

Photo: An Iranian girl looks back as police try to suppress pro-Mousavi demonstrators protesting declared results of presidential elections. (AP)



the watercats said...

I am always hugely confused by things in the world, I have no idea about political pasts, presents or futures... but human nature and instinct lets you know when things need to be done.... On a lighter note, I've posted a lovely blog award for you... it's an easy one too :-)

distracted by shiny objects said...

Let us pray...

Kim said...

Those are some powerful pictures to go with some powerful words.

Friko said...

Rilke, my favourite poet.
What will happen in Iran is still in the stars. Whatever the outcome, may the people's will prevail. For they will live on.....

Ben, On Poetry said...

Perfect title. I agree. They will win the day!

Lydia said...

@the watercats- I read your comment early in the day and realize I haven't been by to read you today and to see my surprise. Be over in just a bit. ;)

@Distracted- amen.

@Kim- I don't know which photo I find the most compelling. Each in its own way reminds me of the poem.

@Friko- Rilke is my favorite poet also, with a few other close behind. At times I think he was a seer in the way his words relate to today.

@Ben, On Poetry- Thank you for being here and I hope you return! Your blog is wonderful and I'd likely never have found it if you hadn't left your positive comments.



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