Saturday, November 14, 2009

blogging friends are like music in my life

Phivos at the Travelling blog treated me to this video in my email inbox this morning. He's such a good and fun blogging friend! His blog lifts my spirits and gives me positive wanderlust on a daily basis. He shares not only his own gorgeous photos and fascinating commentary of personal travels, but he also features the same from other travelers. I don't know the particulars of his selection process for travel photos from other bloggers. I'm looking forward to a big trip(s) someday that would be reason for me to ask him about that!



arulba said...

That is wonderful!!! It would make me take the stairs!

Lydia said...

@arulba- Welcome! It's going to be nice getting to know you via your blog.
It would make me go out of my way to take those stairs!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

I feel so honoured with your generous and sweet words and especially your kind friendship. Please note that the feelings and thoughts are mutual. The Ancient Greek philosophers used to say about friendship the following. “Our friends are of the same or at least very similar character to ours”. So, “name your friend to tell you who are you”!!
Blogging is a very difficult personal activity especially when you are open to criticism and dialogue. Many people and most of the time, forget that we come from different opinions and ideas and especially cultures. So, sometimes a singe word might be a completely different meaning to others. Sometimes, the kind of sense of humor might be also different and cetera.
So, perhaps the only base on which you can create sincere friendship relations is the mutual understanding, tolerance and acceptance of the others as they are.
Looking forward to your big trip soon and please send me your photos and commentary any time. There are no particulars of the selection process for travel photos. Simply send them!
I’m lucky and feel privileged to have you as a friend dear Lydia. Thank you so much again.

Margaret Pangert said...

Hi Lydia! I think you can tell a lot by just looking at Phivos's kind, happy, open face.
The piano stairs are the greatest thing I've ever seen. Just as in life, some took full advantage of it, and others were unaware. I'd lke to try it with two other people so we could make chords! xxox

Lydia said...

@Phivos- I do believe that your comments were greater than the video, by far! I've thought about what you said many times today. Oh! The joy of blogging, right? And the joy of traveling for right now is felt at your blog and I'm grateful for it! :)

@Margaret- I totally agree with you about what can be learned about Phivos from his face.
Did you see the very tall older man in one of the scenes? He is just beginning to climb the stairs when it cuts to another scene...but he was my favorite of the people in the video.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

how did i miss this first time around?

Loved it :)

Lydia said...

Pixies~ I am glad you missed it because you routed it back to my attention and I loved it all over again! :)



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