Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

Acorn, by Norine Kevolic

I pluck an acorn and hold it to my ear, and this is what it says to me:  "By and by the birds will come and nest in me. By and by I will furnish shade for the cattle. By and by I will provide warmth for the home. By and by I will be shelter from the storm to those who have gone under the roof. By and by I will be the strong ribs of a great vessel, and the tempest will beat against me in vain, while I carry men across the Atlantic."  "O foolish little acorn, wilt thou be all this?" I ask.  And the acorn answers, "Yes, God and I."
-Lyman Abbott (1835 – 1922), American Congregationalist theologian, editor, and author



mythopolis said...

Once again, I am torn between celebrating the earth, and lamenting its exploitation.....

Olga said...

Beautiful post! I love the serenity of your blog.

Leovi said...

Beautiful painting, I love those warm tones combined Perfectly, a delight. Greetings

Erin Davis said...

Perfect, perfect, perfect for today in many ways!

Lydia said...

mythopolis~ I'm torn there with you. It is remarkable how my own feelings have changed about Earth Day over the years...from hopeful, to cautiously celebratory, to awed, to odd as our times.

Olga~ Thank you. I want to say that your comment meant a lot to me today.

Leovi~ I think the painting is a delight also. Thank you for being here today.

Erin~ I am so, so, so glad you said that!

M Riyadh Sharif said...

Couldn't be more perfect, Aunt!

Lydia said...

Riyadh~ Oh, thank you...and Happy Earth Day to you, nephew-so-far-away-but-close-in-thought!

Kathe W. said...

oooo this is lovely!

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

Happy Earth Day.

Enjoyed this, awesome talent.

Invite you to join poets rally week 42 by sharing a free verse today.
Appreciate your input.

Hope to see you in!
Have A Blessed Easter!

Lydia said...

Kathe~ Ahhhh, thanks much.

Promising Poets Parking Lot~ Wow, that's some name you have there! Thank you for stopping by my blog and inviting me to see what you have going on at yours. Easter greetings to you.

Citizen of Earth said...

We all face now our pending doom, unless Earth Day should become Every Day.

Take hold of what is left
Hold on tight
Question everyone
Who is not doing the same

Lydia said...

Citizen of Earth~ Been so long since you were here...have missed your wise passion and your passionate wisdom.



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