Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mag 74 --

I can't quite put my finger on the reasons why I like you. I can't quite button down this sick kind of whimsy you kind of make me sick with, with which you make me sick.

I can't quite put my finger on the reasons why I loathe your kind of unkind yet kind face of flaws -- I see strange life in those button eyes -- I want to lance those button moles.

Your fortune cookie mouth breaks into an impish smile and I almost trust you -- I sort of want to pinch your sweet cheeks on my sprint to the bathroom.

I can't quite put my finger on why you make me puke.

MLydiaM ~ July  2011

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Rob-bear said...

Interesting writing!
I cannot warm up to that face at all. It gives me shivers.

Doctor FTSE said...

I think this is wonderful, but I don't quite no why. It somehow captures perfectly the way we vacillate in our opinion of the people around - often our allegedly "nearest and dearest"
I think your Magpie here is better than you think it is!
All good wishes.

ds said...

Interesting. I loved that face (looking closely, perhaps it is a jaguar--a feline face), but I can see where it might not 'grab' everyone...

Darlene said...

That face makes me sick, also. It seems evil in some way. I guess 'scary' is the description I would give.

You write very well. I am envious.

Jo Bryant said...

Such an interesting take you have with this piece - loved it

kj said...

yuck, lydia.

i leave it to you to accept that as my compliment if that is your hope writing this :^)


Lydia said...

Rob-bear~ Basically gives me shivers too. As they say in Minnesota: ish!

Doctor FTSE~ Wow, I must tell you that your comment meant a lot to me! Thank you.

ds~ Am amazed that you loved that face, but admire you for doing so!

Darlene~ Thanks much.
Scary works as well as any word for this face, I think. Let's just say it is not what we will choose for our Halloween costumes!

Jo Bryant~ I appreciate your comment so much; thanks!

kj~ Of course, it is always my hope to have your compliments...and in this case I find "yuck, lydia" to be of the highest order.

mythopolis said...

Perhaps that face is to protect you and scare away any bad spirits. I enjoyed this writing.

Fireblossom said...


But i neeeeed to knooooooooow! ;-)

Kathe W. said...

it is an odd image - good take on this spooky mask.

Bee's Blog said...

You got it down to a T! Great.

bfk said...

Very nice indeed. Especially the last line.

Tess Kincaid said...

Perfect. I have someone I want to send this to. giggle

Lydia said...

mythopolis~ I'll just hope my Dreamcatcher really works in that way.

Fireblossom~ By all means, let me know too if you find yourself in the know. :)

Kathe~ Thanks. So we won't see this hanging on your wall as a special piece of decor? .....thought not.

Bee's Blog~ I thank you for that. Now, where is your profile pic? :)

bfk~ Thank you, bfk. hmmmm, for that to be your favorite line methinks perhaps one too many martinis were consumed in your apartment Saturday night...

Tess~ Thanks and giggle, indeed. A strange kind of Hallmark greeting this one would make!

Leslie said...

Lydia - ha this is great the last line sums it up
hopefully will get back to do some Magpie...

Lydia said...

Leslie~ ha, and thanks! I hope you get back to do some Magpie too, and I hope I do my next Magpie before too many Magpies fly by. <:



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