Friday, April 13, 2012


Image by Micah Holtgraves

When morning came to this place like a meditation on harmony and hope,
he took a photo to remember that seeing clearly and moving forward
were perhaps the truest ways to honor the love that grew there
before withering into petals of mourning.

Still, his eyes occasionally traced the low horizon that birthed the sun.

Written for Friday Flash 55 - My post in exactly 55 words- For the G-Man.



G-Man said...

Great job
Loved your 55
Thanks for playing
And have a Kick Ass Week-End

Daydreamertoo said...

Awww sad, but very lovely.

Heaven said...

I love the picture and words...though its sad ~

Happy day to you!

Mama Zen said...

Oh, beautiful!

Anonymous said...
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kj said...

how utterly sad, lydia. heartbreaking.

in so few words, you paint the emotion of mourning and loss. i wish i didn't know....


Eko said...

Huomenta vaan...
Meidän aamu valkeni pikku pakkasessa.
Lunta kovin paljon.
Silti ei tarvitse olla kovinkaan murheellinen.
Kevät-aurinko nousee kirkkaana - kesään ollaan menossa...
Kevät-Terveiset Eko

Alice Audrey said...

Very well said.

Lydia said...

G-Man~ Thanks, and thank you for running this show on Fridays! I'm sure I'm not alone in being surprised at what comes up in my mind from week to week.

Daydreamertoo~ Sad, but if I were writing this scene into a story it would be a story that ends happily.

Heaven~ Happy weekend to you. I love the picture too.

Mama Zen~ Thanks. It is such a beautiful image.

kj~ But you do know and that is why you feel the scene along with me. xo

Eko~ Thank you for visiting and describing your present weather in Finland. Google's translation is a bit strange but I do think you wrote that it does not have to be sad because spring sun is raised in glory. Very hopeful words.
Friendship does not need translation.....thank you for yours.

Alice Audrey~ Thank you.

Other Mary said...

Oh my, you've really got a way with words. And what a lovely picture too!

Brian Miller said...

so this is fiction? there is def an undertone of sadness but also the strength to climb out of it as well...

Claudia said...

i like this much...the moment of awareness...of taking that photo and then deciding on how to move on in honor of what was but is no longer for whatever reasons.. there's much depth in it a few times..and then the hope in the last line.. awesome write lydia... hey...and thanks so much for your lovely comments..

distracted by shiny objects said...

I do love this.

kj said... the story would have a happy ending.

good to know....

happy weekend dear lydia. have some wild fun, why not?


Myrna R. said...

This is lovely Lydia. I found respite in it, especially since you talk about mourning. My mother died two weeks ago and I'm still in that process of realizing I must go forward. Very nice write. And so nice to meet you.

ds said...

Lovely. Thank you.

Kathe W. said...

lovely image and words to match it.

Rob-bear said...

So sweet and sad at the same time, Lydia. A great 55!

Rhiannon said...

Hi Lydia

I'm really liking reading more of your are very good. Hope to read even more. You have a talent my friend.

Been busy, but also "laying low" and taking care of "me" right now which is good.

I hope you'll drop by my blog, as I posted a video song by Laura Nyro tonite, I think you will like. I thought of you when I found it on youtube. I think the song is so true...even today..when it was actually written in the mid 80's by Laura.

Still kind of wintery around here too. But today was nice but cool day, with lots of beautiful clouds, so I took a nice slow walk and took some pics of the clouds.

Thinking of you and thanks for being my friend "from afar" but not too far away hey?

Hope your are doing well. You can e-mail me any time you want to "share" with me. I listen and "read" well too...:o)



Lydia said...

Other Mary~ Thanks so much, and I agree about the picture.

Brian~ Um, it's fiction based on my imagination of a possibly real scene. :)

Claudia~ Thanks so much.
I had the greatest time at your blog, just catching up yesterday. Linked to one of your posts in a facebook message to a friend....I hope he was able to read it and a few others (he's a New Yorker).

Distracted~ Hi there! Thank you.

kj~ Ever the optimist (she says with a wry smile)...
OK about the weekend, if you call crazily trying to take care of yard work before more rain is expected this week. ugh.

Lydia said...

Myrna~ Oh my, I am so sorry about your recent loss of your mother. This is a deeply sorrowful time for you (I know, having been through it in 2000) and if you found any solace in my 55 I am truly honored. Take good care of yourself, and peace to you.

Lydia said...

ds~ Thank you.

Kathe~ Thanks so much.

Rob-bear~ Many thanks.

Rhi~ Thank you so much for your comments about my poetry. I'm enjoying working on it (and it is work, comes easily for me only seldom).

I always appreciate the videos you post at your blog because your taste is anything but ordinary. Will be by. Wish we lived just a wee bit closer because I would like to meet you...maybe one day. I like how you are taking care of yourself, and also taking pictures.
Seems that Oregon is having a hard time gearing up for decent weather. We have two good days this weekend, then it's back to drizzle and I am really sick of it!
xoxo dear, good friend!



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