Monday, October 15, 2018

Sobriety: 33 years

Ich komme aus meinen Schwingen heim -by Rainier Maria Rilke

I come home from the soaring in which I lost myself.
I was song, and the refrain which is God
is still roaring in my ears.

Now I am still
and plain:
no more words.

To the others I was like a wind:
I made them shake.
I’d gone very far, as far as the angels,
and high, where light thins into nothing.

But deep in the darkness is God.

-from Rilke's Book of Hours – Love Poems to God

As I have since this blog's inception, on the day of my sobriety anniversary I publish this treasured Rilke poem, but with a new image each year.
(I hope to join the blogging community again soon.  I have missed writing, and I have missed you.



Lester Kish said...

Continuing congratulations Lydia, and, all the best......

Helen said...

I applaud your commitment to sober living, I have several friends who live the same journey. Though not as long as you. Enjoy this day!

English Rider said...

Your tenure in Sobriety has matched the 33 years of my daughter's life (so far). You have had a whole life. I don't know how to clearly express the parallel, but there's one there somewhere.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your 33 years!

Fireblossom said...

Congratulations, girl! You know what? I almost forgot my own anniversary! It was only because i had posted on FaceBook about it last year and it does those "share a memory" things that I remembered. 33 years, wow. We are blessed and we are lights.



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