Friday, March 21, 2008

An Obama Day in Oregon

Readers may note in my blog's right-hand column a section titled "Blogs with Brains and Soul." The Les AuCoin Blog is in this short list. His post today is not to be missed by anyone wanting to read a well-considered endorsement of Barack Obama.

Obama was in Portland, Oregon, this morning, Salem, this afternoon, and will be in Eugene tonight. Last Oregon stop this visit will be in Medford (quite a conservative place) on Saturday. All tickets were gone before I could even think about driving to a spot where they were handed out! So I sat in my robe with my morning coffee today and watched the live local broadcast from Portland's Memorial Coliseum.

Many are aware by now that he was introduced by Gov. Bill Richardson, who gave his endorsement in front of the sold-out crowd of 13,000. He called Obama "a once-in-a-lifetime leader."

Obama spoke for over a half-hour and he was immensely stirring and focused. Beautiful, actually. I was so moved. It will be my pleasure to vote for him in Oregon's primary on May 20th.

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