My Own Favorite Posts

I have that Popular Posts gadget on my sidebar that is generated by Blogger as a result of stats, and I am fascinated by what appears there. Old Postcard Wednesday posts get a lot of search hits, which is understandable because they are about places--so they dominate that list. Although I dearly love the research and writing entailed in OPW posts -- and am almost always "in flow" while working on them -- they are not necessarily representative of my own favorite posts in my blog.

Actually, I have been maintaining this blog for long enough now (with over 800 posts at the time I am creating this new page) that I don't remember some posts until they pop up in that You-might-also-like gadget added at the end of posts. Sometimes I click on one and feel as I used to when I would pore over my old journals (I have not kept a journal for years) and would be reminded of a fleeting moment, a day, a feeling, an expression, some thing that I had forgotten and never would have remembered if not for the journal entry. 

So I have decided to build a list in this Page of those posts I enjoyed writing most, or provided me with personal insight, or bring back poignant memories, or required especially meaningful research, or generated awesome comments.

It will be an organic list, added to when posts come to mind or remind me of themselves in various ways. And some will be Old Postcard Wednesday posts, most definitely.

These posts are in no special order of my preference for --or degrees of pleasure, pain, or flow represented by-- any of them:

We count in days



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