Monday, April 14, 2008

Study in Gray and White

While I'm working on a longer post I thought I'd post this photo. I took it last week when Abby, our Old English Sheepdog, was once again trying to establish a relationship with Pilgrim, one of the "strays" who adopted us. Pilgrim has the best of both worlds and is allowed to select house time or yard/sleep-in-garage time. The only hassle for me is figuring out at feeding time where exactly he wants to take his dinner meal, and adjusting portions and bowls accordingly.

This cat has decided that it is his job to protect Shiva Lullaby, the nearly full-grown kitten, from Abby's exuberant greetings. It's funny to see him chase Abby away from Shiva, as he's all hissing and hackles and paws in the air with claws ready. Abby took note. I think she respects Pilgrim for making her work so hard at becoming friends. They truly are gorgeous together, a soft study in gray and white.

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