Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kids Still Do This!

Happy May Day!

The Wikipedia description for this holiday notes that: "Fading in popularity since the late 20th century is the giving of "May baskets," small baskets of sweets and/or flowers, usually left anonymously on neighbors' doorsteps." However, this picture proves the tradition is alive and well in my neighborhood in 2008.

I heard two knocks at the door and when I opened it this bunch of flowers and two tiny stuffed monkeys were on the wood box on our porch. Across the street, looking over here with shirtsleeves stretched over their mouths to stifle their squeals, were two of our charming neighbor children. What a great surprise!


Adam said...

hey lydia--
There are a few environmental watershed nonprofits around but they are in the deep suburbs (farther than where I live) and I unfortunately wouldnt be able to get out there in my extememly busy day. But thank you so much for the thought.
I enjoyed your post on may day (I also blogged about this!)


rachael said...

What a great holiday. I think it's more of a northern thing - when I moved to florida I noticed that no one down here does anything to celebrate it.
And yes, as far as I know, when I make switch between my blog and website, you will have to delete and re-add it again. I'll make sure to mention that in tomorrow's post, thanks for reminding me!

Adam said...

Hey Lydia--
As of yet, no I have not aced my test, just checking my traffic before school starts.

But thanks for the suggestion, that actually would be really easy and practical. I probably am going to be doing somethin on mothers day, but im sure it can be worked out...


Petrea said...

Lydia, I've looked at your blog a couple of times and never commented before. I don't know why. Sometimes one lurks. I love the name of your blog (I'm a writer, too) and especially your "About Me."

You may not believe this but I was even here last night. And then I found your note on my blog this morning. How amazing is that? Nice to meet you.

Lydia said...

Petrea, I loved your comment: "Sometimes one lurks." What a great line, and very internet-oriented for sure!

V said...

Hi Lydia,
Thanks for popping by my blog. I really love That Summer in Paris, for Callaghan's writing style as much as anything else. I enjoy his short stories very much. If you want to read a very different memoir, pick up his son, Barry's. I've read some of his fiction, too.

I've been enjoying reading your thoughts. Blogging really is giving permission to peek, isn't it?

Lydia said...

Hello V,
Thanks for visiting. Your "permission to peek" comment is great! What an interesting explosion of a new kind of human connection and interaction the internet has afforded us. It's really amazing.

Yes, Callaghan's writing in That Summer in Paris is superb. I read a library copy so many years ago, but last year ordered an old copy from an internet vendor because the urge to own it never left me. It was a treat to read it again and to have it on my shelves. Thanks so much for the lead on additional Callaghan(s) material.

sharryb said...

My kids used to do this. It sounds like you have a very sweet neighborhood.

I would like to subscribe to your blog but I don't see a way to do that on your site. Am I missing something. I'd either add it as a feed or subscribe by e-mail.


Lydia said...

What are friends for but to help us grow? You did that for me tonight and I'm now set up for subscriptions. Thanks for asking! :) Lydia



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