Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Spring for Old Croquet Set

I responded to two more Freecyle posts this past week, one from a couple looking for a small table with drop leaves and the other from a woman my age who was looking for a croquet set to build summer memories with her grandchildren ranging in ages 2 to 16. We had the table and four chairs that fit the one description. Mike and I purchased them when we bought this house with the small dining area, and we had fun staining the pieces. The dining area has since been turned into the home office and the small table into a staging area for cat games in the garage. Mike worked hard to clean the pieces of all paw prints and accumulated dirt. The couple arrived last Sunday to pick up the furniture and they both seemed pleased. It felt good Sunday night to be a bit lighter of clutter.

The croquet set from my childhood went to its new home today. Before the woman named Wanda arrived to pick it up I took a picture of it out in our front yard, in the midst of fallen and falling cherry tree blossoms. This giveaway felt absolutely right from the beginning, and when I met Wanda we were like old friends after having emailed numerous times about the set. I wanted to make sure that this sentimental piece would have new purpose for someone who would appreciate its craftsmanship (unlike the ones available in stores now), and after learning about her extended family, all in the area, I felt comfortable removing it from the hook on the garage wall and cleaning it up for them. It's been in storage in various locations since the last game I played with my mother in July 1977 when she came to Oregon to visit Jack (the ex) and me.

Wanda, a pretty blond wearing jeans and a winning smile, arrived in a mini-van driven by her daughter, with two of the grandkids buckled in the back seats. Sophie and Joseph, just really nice names. Sophie was in her pink ballet outfit, having just finished a lesson. Wanda introduced me to them and asked them to thank me for the new game. It was great that she brought them along.

Off you go, old croquet set, to more days in the sun.

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