Monday, June 9, 2008

Shiva Lullaby has a birthday

What is the source of the love she bears me? ... She has the modesty that belongs to perfect lovers, and their dread of too insistent contacts. I shall not say much more about her. All the rest is silence, faithfulness, impacts of soul, the shadow of an azure shape on the blue paper that receives everything I write, the silent passage of paws silvered with moisture.
Colette (1873-1954)
French Novelist

What a blessing she is in my life, and a blessing to Mike also. Shiva Lullaby is the softest cat I've ever had, and the most demonstrative cuddler. She announces her intentions and needs with a tiny mew that sounds like she's saying
blrip. Playful with the other cats, she is gentle and snuggly with the dogs. Her shape is not like any other cat I've known, either, as nearly all her 8 lbs. are concentrated in her tummy. When we pick her up she goes all dead-weight and it feels like hefting a beanbag instead of a cat. She is indeed a bit overweight and I need to address that, but there's something in the way she goes limp while being lifted that makes her very vulnerable as she gives herself over to the experience. She displays a similar offering of self by appearing out of nowhere and plopping herself on her side near my feet. I'm getting used to looking for her before I take a step, lest that step land on her tail or paw, in which case she doesn't move but registers her complaint with a series of staccato nya-nya-nyas that sound more like a miniature goat than a kitty.

I'm smitten with this kitten who is no longer a kitten now but a year-old cat. Not smitten, I'm in love. As I told Shiva's vet:
think of her as the 20-year cat and make all health care decisions accordingly.

(More about Shiva Lullaby: this is a link to a short video of her first night home with us, and post explaining her double name. The clip doesn't always load and I can't figure out why.)


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Happy Birthday Shiva!

We don't know when are little guys were born, but we do know that this month they will also be a year old. I was thinking just yesterday how boring it would be around our house if the kitties weren't there to keep us on our toes, and make us laugh. I've never really been a cat person, but I am now!

francessa said...

She looks so elegant! As if she was aware of her beauty and dignity!

Happy Birthday, Shiva Lullaby!

Lydia said...

One of Shiva's litter-mates lives with two 9-yr-old twin girls who named their kitten "Tinka." Tinka is a manx but otherwise is the spitting image of Shiva. The girls had an approximate birth date for the kittens so I went with their best guess. You have lucky kitties living in what sounds like such a glorious spot!

I have failed to compliment in an email the photo you sent of Rudy the Beautiful, so let me just say that he is certainly marvelous. He looks like a thinking cat in addition to being so beautiful!

francessa said...

Rudy was found in a dustbin as a kitten and he's forever hungry! I think he spends a lot of time in contemplation of food! And you're absolutely right, he's a thinker and very smart!

Lydia said...

Rudy is lucky that you raised him so spoiled...:)

seniorwriter said...

I love your cat Shiva! I had a cat named Susie years ago who looked much like her. I miss having a cat.

Lydia said...

Will they allow one cat at The Clare? I hope so...



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