Friday, June 13, 2008

"Dear Father" -- Deryck Whibley

I learned the things you never showed me...

Deryck Whibley is the lead vocalist and songwriter of the award-winning pop-punk band Sum 41. I knew of his wife Avril Lavigne but not of him or his band until finding this video on YouTube. I'm always pleased when different generations or genres of music touch me in deeply personal ways... as "Dear Father" certainly does.

He wrote this song about his father who left his then 17-year-old mother before Deryck was born. Referring to the possibility that this man who is out there somewhere might care at all about him, he sings:
It's as if the day will never come, so you remain a complete unknown.

I met my father when I was 21 and saw him once more when I was 35. Sometimes, yes, Dear Deryck, all our truths should be left alone.


Dad said...

Lydia - I always appreciate your comments on my blog... got the one yesterday on the rose photo and it took me one extra day to come to your site to see your tribute to Dads like "me," and I played this video... tagged with the words "bad dads," classic misunderstanding, all my fault.

I love Sum 41, so it was fun anyway. Then I scrolled down to the song you intended me to play, and thank you for passing that along.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Having a feeling like that has got to be tough to swallow......

But what you've been through has made you who you are, as with me.......I don't think that I would have had it any other way!

Lydia said...

Good point! I read some of the comments there on YouTube about this video and it was sad to me that some people were denigrating him for expressing his anger/sorrow. Everyone deals with and processes difficulties in their own ways...As for me, blogging about dad stuff this week is really setting me free!

Lydia said...

(no, friends, this is not MY dad - that's his blog moniker)
What a funny mix-up that was! I'm glad you heard the "good dads" song, and that Sum 41's "bad dads" song was good for you too.

a little bird said...

i hear that. thanks for the video, i have no idea how to put one on my blog, so it's always nice to come see them at yours :)

Lydia said...

Little Bird,
I went to YouTube to try to refresh my steps in posting videos to my blog. Because I'm now signed up for this, there is an icon with "Writerquake" right under the SHARE section after the video. I think the process was 1) have a video to post, 2) go to click on "more options" to share and it, and then you are asked to give your blog name/maybe password(?) 3) at some point I was given the HTML and when I clicked "post to blog" it was there immediately. I don't like that part, because I compose in draft -- so I ran back to my blog and got it off and saved to draft. I am making this sound more complicated than it was. If I did it, you can do it no problem!



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