Sunday, July 20, 2008

4 + 20

After blogging about my friend Rachael's 16th birthday I tried to remember my 16-year-old self. Something major happened to me that year, I remember that. However, I don't remember anything about my 16th birthday and very few details about the year as a whole. I may have an old diary from that time packed away with the other things I haven't seen for ages. It would be strange to read it.

Songs about age sixteen seem to outnumber songs about any other age. They include: Sixteen Candles by The Crests, You're Sixteen by Ringo Starr, Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle, Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen by Neil Sedaka, Sweet Little Sixteen by Shakin Stevens, and Sweet Sixteen by Hillary Duff.

One of my favorite songs about age, but not number-specific, is September Song. Funny how it means more with each year that passes...

But as far as number-specific songs go, 4 + 20 is my all-time favorite.
It is one of my few heart songs, the kind that, maybe even for no particular reason, is a song that wrings me from my core and rings so familiar as to seem to be the first song I knew. Know what I mean?

This is a captivating time-warp video of the amazing Stephen Stills performing 4 + 20 at the 1969 Big Sur Festival. I'm running this in tribute to the wildlife, land, and people who have been devastated by the recent and ongoing fires in California. The Associated Press reported on July 18, 2008, that:

Flames swept through 1,413 square miles in the state after a lightning storm on June 20 sparked multiple fires, leading to what officials called the largest fire event in California history...Around Big Sur, the fires swept over 200 square miles of heavily forested land, destroying 27 houses and 34 other structures. That fire is 65 percent contained, and most residents have been allowed to return home.

(I must blog about the Wings Over America concert back in the 1970's where I stood next to Stephen Stills backstage - later!)


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

We checked the Nepenthe webcam when we got home this afternoon......I was happy to see people sitting on the patio, as well as a smoke-free view of the cliffs......

raccoonlover1963 said...

Don't forget about "She Was Only Sixteen" by Dr. Hook.

Lydia said...

That's wonderful news! I didn't think about checking their webcam, surprising since I loved your photos from there!

Yea, and that one too! It's an important year in a life, and sooooo long ago!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lydia...I'llhave to check out September Song, I'm sure I know it but I can't think how it goes. I do remember turning 16 and surprisingly I was very happy at that point and wanted to stay 16 forever. I was somehow aware that I was right on the cusp of change...childhood was still with me but adulthood was just over the horizon and it all looked good.

Lydia said...

Good to have a visit from you! September Song is one of the truly poignant ones....
Your recollections of being 16 were crisp and sweet, like a big red apple just off the tree! Loved 'em.



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