Saturday, July 5, 2008

Flat Stanley hangs out

The kids in our neighborhood are welcome visitors at our house. I don't remember the little girl at the top left, and the boy has moved to another part of town. The three other girls have grown up so much since these pictures were taken in 2003. One of them shared with me just last week that she'd had her first kiss.

But back then Flat Stanley was the boy they celebrated.

The photo journal I sent to my nephew's second-grade class showed Flat Stanley doing normal household and yard activities while he was our guest. He helped Mike build a wire fence and he and I planted a new rose.

Aside from that work, it was all play.

Having Flat Stanley around actually made me concentrate on a better balance of work and play, as nuts as that sounds!

Pyewacket, in the meantime, had a different idea...


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Pyewacket, what is the story behind this name!?!?!

francessa said...

What a great project! And all your pets involved in this! This is intriguing! Flat Stanley must be saved!

Lydia said...

Sorry it took me so long to get around to responding to your question! The name Pyewacket comes from an 1958 B&W movie titled, "Bell, Book and Candle" that starred Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novak, and Jack Lemmon. Kim Novak is a witch who uses her cat, Pyewacket, to cast spells. The Wikipedia link has a good plot summary here:

My sis and I saw the movie on TV one summer day and it made a huge impression on me. I always wanted a cat named Pyewacket, but just hadn't named one. When Pye adopted us ten years ago I asked her if she liked the name Pyewacket and she absolutely showed glee in her face!

btw: I recommend seeing the movie if you can find/buy it (Amazon has it). It's a classic!

Lydia said...

Yes, I think that Flat Stanley must be saved also. He's a great learning tool.

Sandra said...

I have a huge fondness for "Flat Stanley" projects and their cousins. This was fun to read through. Thank for dropping by my blog, so I could hop over and learn about yours!

Cheers, Sandra

Lydia said...

I'm such a fan of yours. Your mind astonishes me.
A visit from you made my day!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I'll have to check into that movie, never heard of it before!

Cody wanted to give out cats some crazy names like bossa nova or something........they were already Elijah (Ely) and Moses (Mozer) when we got them.......

Lydia said...

I hope you see the movie sometime.
Your comment about alternate names for your cats brought back a memory. When we were HS sophomores, my best friend found out that her boyfriend was seeing other girls. She stood angrily in front of him, tears in her eyes, and screamed, "Oh, Rich, you're such a Bossa Nova!" She meant Cassanova. Her goof made him laugh, they got back together for the rest of HS, married a few years later, and divorced decades after that!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Check out the first commenter on this diy project jaw dropped!
Funny, small world.

Lydia said...

Isn't that just somethin'?! Another Pyewacket out there in the world keeping the movie original alive in memory!
I looked at this picture of my Pyewacket stretching out on the tree and was flabbergasted at how much weight she has gained this year. She's an old girl now and the weight just crept up slowly and has gotten out of hand. In this cold snap we've had I feel a little extra fat is good insulation for her, however. She can go on a diet come springtime!
Thanks for sending me this fun link.



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