Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Old Postcard Wednesday--Bankers Trust Co. Bldg., New York

New York Architecture offers additional information about the historic Bankers Trust Building. Beautiful postcard, huh?

As we move toward September 11, I'm thinking how divided the United States is, with polls indicating a virtual dead heat in the presidential race and polarization seeming to intensify daily. No matter the outcome it is not going to be an easy transition and there will be plenty of lip-service paid to coming together, I fear to no avail. We haven't learned much from our sorrows and mistakes and seem intent upon stirring up the potential for more. Who's going to be willing to give a little, i.e., cave in, when it means giving up something that means everything to you? We're so entrenched in our worldviews, so committed to certain outcomes, that we've lost the art of compromise. Have we forsaken true caring for the fear-derived high that we get when we live in pay back mode?

It's an US against the World, our-side/their-side kind of mentality that has run rampant for the past eight years and shows no signs of stopping. I'm trying to put on the brakes a little by reading, at least during the next two months, two blogs I found that are written by conservative/evangelical Christian Republicans, who happen to also seem to be trying to apply their brakes long enough to write some thoughtful posts (the key issues and points of which dumbfound and confound and astound me, I admit) and to respond to comments in a cordial, intelligent
even caring manner.

Honestly, this election-time endeavor is really a stretch for me because
and I don't think I'm alone I so love my growing list of favorite blogs written by people who write about issues and points that dazzle and enthuse and calm and inform and encourage and inspire and validate and move me, and those are the blogs where I want to spend some of my precious time, not reading bloggers whose belief systems are the polar opposite from my own. Polar opposite. Polarized. Can we agree to disagree and work together from there (and try to save the polar bear)?

It's hard to remember in times like these that we are more alike than we are different, and it's always been so. In that spirit I plan on posting a poem tomorrow that celebrates our humanity.

(The two blogs I mentioned above are Malott's Blog and Tsofah.)


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Good for you! More of what you want, and less of what you don't!!

Malott said...

We ARE a nation divided.

For us Evangelicals, the biggest divide involves the Supreme Court. We have seen the will of the people thwarted in 50 states, on the subject of abortion, by unelected judges. The sanctity of marriage may be the next to fall.

A President Obama will nominate judges who will dream up rights in the Constitution that will preempt the will of the people on this matter.

McCain has promised us judges who will not legislate from the bench.

Are we to be a representative democracy, or are we not?

Strict Constructionist Judges will allow the people to govern themselves and allow them to define their values.

Lydia said...

A comment all the more true considering the one that followed yours. ;/

Hmmmm. We disagree. I am far less concerned about a supposed will of the people than I am about our rights.

"...judges who will dream up rights"? What a weird thing for you to say.

Who knows what McCain would do once in office...he is a much changed man from the candidate of 2000, making him 1)a flip-flopper, 2)one who'll say anything this time to get elected, 3)see 1 and 2.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

At least you seem to be politically active in the US - our attendance at the polls in the UK is nothing short of shocking. No one seems to care that the British National Party (all foreigners out being their, but we're keeping quiet on the racist front) are gaining ground and quite frankly no one, but no one in their right minds can tell the difference between Boring Boring Gordon Brown and Faceless Nonentity David Cameron

Though i remain to be convinced that any politician can ever really make a difference

Jennifer said...

Having looked around at a fair number of blogs with political commentary, I've been sobered at the level of non-thought that goes into the political opinions of many blogging Americans. I am assuming that these views may be somewhat representative of the larger population. How depressing. The personal attacks are what really bother me.

We are all human beings, it's true, sharing some of the same hopes and dreams.

Lisa Allender said...

Hi there, Lydia of Writerquake!
I posted at my blog to you, and then headed over to check in with you, and put in my two cents.
As a spiritual person who attends church, is Peace-oriented, and believes in the Constitution, I think the ONLY sane choice is a President Barack Obama. John McCain of 2000 was a VERY different man; it's sad he's had to kowtow to his part to become a "viable" candidate for them.
I too, read blogs with vastly different opinions from my own, and I appreciate Malott's concern, though I disagree with his conclusions. Perhaps if we concentrate on what we DO hold in common:
As Obama pleaded with us, after accepting his party's nomination for the Presidency of the United States, "we may not agree on abortion, but surely we can agree to try to prevent the number of unwanted pregnancies..."
God Bless All of You who care enough about this great country of ours, to get educated, and form an opinion, and vote!

Lydia said...

Now I want to know what your voting percentage is, because I think ours is terrible here. Also, the parties/people you mentioned aren't discussed much by our media here but having the BBC latest headlines on my toolbar helps me to stay a bit informed.

It is depressing to think that those outlandish and non-thinking blogs might reflect the tip of the iceberg. I'm outraged by their sniping at the media, when, in truth, (and I heard this on the news yesterday) blogs serve as fuel in the fire more and more. Bloggers need to (if they care about truth) check the facts before shooting junk information out into the blogosphere.

I'll pop over to see what you said there at your blog. Thanks for your comments here. See, for me, you are a special "case" because you're a full package and one that McCain supporters just don't want to think is possible in the Obama camp. Your passion and leadership are important and I'm glad you speak out as you do.



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