Friday, October 10, 2008

Peace is not the silence of cemeteries *

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Being half-Finn and a peacenik it was a pleasure seeing the news today about the latest recipient of the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize, Martti Ahtisaari, former President of Finland. He is described by the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee as "an outstanding international mediator." More information about Ahtisaari is available at this source.

In the video below Finnish Foreign Minister, Alexander Stubb, says of Ahtisaari:

He's the kind of a guy who goes from one (world) crisis to another and has some kind of magic in solving it.

* title quote by Oscar Romero


Kathie said...

Hi Lydia,
Haven´t had the chance to stop by lately. Just wanted to say hello. Hope to be more regular with my visits.
Blessings from Costa Rica

Lydia said...

Hi Kathie!
I'm so glad to be in touch again, and hope to make my visits more regular too.

Citizen of Earth said...

All we are saying
Give peace a chance

I once stood with over 100,000 believers at my side
And dared to sing this out loud

And America listened
The world listened

Light shown
In the dark places
If only briefly...

Now I don't see 100,000 believers around me

Maybe 100

Half are my age

But half are not

They are young
Let us help them
Rekindle the idea
That peace is an option too

War will end
When enough people want it
To end

Arnold Layne said...

The photo on top is great - where's it from?

Lydia said...

Citizen of Earth,

Standing with 100,000 people singing Give Peace a Chance.....that would be a life-defining moment. Keep leading those young believers who yearn for your message.
I marched against the Iraq war in a crowd of 50,000 - that's my biggest peace crowd.

Right-click on the photo and it'll take you right to the source:
I find that site to be a wealth of interesting photos and videos!

Buddha said...

Spreading democracy around the globe by bombing everything W doesn't like. Sounds pretty much like Hitler's final solution kind of thinking. You win the argument by killing your opponent. Brilliant!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

i remember when Dubya first started his War Against Terrorism after 9/11 - everyone in the UK was up in arms and protesting against being dragged into what we knew would be a bloody and pointless war. Then once Blair dragged us in we all just shrugged and went "oh well - now we're there we may as well continue"

It's good to see that those with a little more conviction in their beliefs still get rewarded

Lydia said...

Yea, brilliant alright. It's been a shameful time in our history, most definitely. I just hope that the world understands that there were those of us who opposed the war from the beginning, and that - given W's disapproval rating 70% - the majority now sees what he's led us into.

I believe you are being a bit hard on yourself because, truly, the opposition in the UK and elsewhere in Europe gave me so much heart to speak out here. Being against the Iraq war was a lonely thing in the early days and you all gave us a sense of solidarity we needed. So thanks!

Lisa Allender said...

Props to you, Lydia, for a great post (as usual!) and great comments here, too.
I did not know you are half-Finn, that's cool!
Finland AND Iceland are on my "To-Visit" list!
I posted about the Nobel Peace Prize at my:

Lydia said...

Thanks much. I did read your post about the Peace Prize and thought I commented how much I enjoyed it. I was looking at both of your blogs that time and left comments after some posts....but alas I must not have actually left one at the Peace post.
Yup, my paternal g-parents immigrated here from Finland and my father was first-generation. The grandfather was from Lapland and that's the part of Finland I'd most want to visit (in spite of possible continuing Chernobel toxicity).
Iceland would be great to visit, too. I'd like to see the grave of Keiko the Killer Whale who was here in Oregon (I saw him) and later transported to that bay in Iceland....



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