Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BEING W. - not W.

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There are two new movies out there in the world about George W. Bush. By now most of us, if we haven't already seen
Oliver Stone's movie W, have seen at least a half-dozen clips from the film, in addition to watching its star, Josh Brolin, host SNL last weekend.

The other one? It's the film BEING W., released October 8 in France. Evidently, there's some sort of a lock on the trailer so I can't embed the video in my post. You can watch the trailer at the official website here and also check out the must-see poster advertising the film.

How's your French? The website is in French, I don't know French, so I enlisted help from an online translator that did a so-so job, based on this strange translation of the website's Synopsis of the film. Why, it almost reads as if George W. Bush himself is responsible for the wording in the translation below....

BEING W. - Dans la peau de George W. Bush

In the shoes of George W. Bush

Unauthorized autobiography of the most controversial U.S. presidents Unis.A hour assets (generally considered as catastrophic) Karl Zero and Michel Royer offer 'Dubya' the opportunity to explain and defend itself, thanks to talent imitation Jim Meskimen. W cowardly and finally his whole truth. This scenario astounding, Karl Zero and Michel Royer are not the authors is a true story and terrifying that we all inhabitants of the planet, are the heroes of involuntary.

Soon, very soon, we will have the opportunity to win back our standing in the world community. Let's get it right this time.

I learned about BEING W., appropriately, from Eric at Paris Daily Photo.


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I hadn't heard of that Being W., thanks for the heads up. I think that I may like to see that, especially since it's done in that documentary style. At least it looked like it from the video. And you're right, that poster was great!

Carlos Lorenzo said...

Oh, Mr. Bush, what to say? The best stuff I've seen about him has been done by Michael Moore. Many people would regard him as a red, communist, or whatever. But the naked truth about Bush and the wrong doings of his administration have been abundantly documented in his movies. I won't suggest links here, just in case :) The video you suggest is also self explanatory. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Just a precision : you can't call Micheal Moore a "communist" because communism doesn't existe anymore exept in North Corea and Central Africa. That's a big mistake you, americans, do ! In your country there is no left since the 50's, stop trying to search invisible ennemies ! There is no "Axis of evil", no communists, and at the top of all : democraty brought by war !!!!
A frenchie (or monkey who eats frogs, and by the may : yuck ! We do NOT eat frogs and yes we shave !)



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