Friday, October 17, 2008

Old Postcard Wed. on Friday--CBS Columbia Square, Hollywood, CA

I selected today's postcard as a roundabout tribute to Bob Schieffer of CBS, who I think served as an effective moderator for the third and final 2008 presidential debate. You can read a "two-minute" bio about him produced by TIME at this link.
Some really fascinating information about him surprised me there!

It explains this photo....

Where the postmark date on my postcard is 1954, I found the same old postcard here that was postmarked in 1946, so it dates back to at least that year. Columbia Square opened on April 30, 1938, and was the home of CBS' Los Angeles radio and television operations from 1938 until 2007.

For some history of CBS at Columbia Square, Wikipedia shows a photo of Columbia Square in 2007 and provides history of CBS and KNX radio at the site.

The whackiest information I read about the site is that the northeast corner of the complex was renovated for the filming of the first season of the series Real World Hollywood. Evidently this was a show that was taped from August-December 2007. In a feature here describing the use of the studio for the series, Real World Houses publishes an excellent article about Columbia Square, including
a photo of Stage 20 that has real atmosphere.

The article also describes a planned massive renovation project. An aerial view of the building and the area surrounding Columbia Square shows that it needs all the renovation being planned for it. Groundbreaking is "anticipated for 2009."

Go here for more additional information about plans, including artist rendering, for Columbia Square Mixed-Use Project. This April 2008 article says, "We're told the project is nearing release of the draft environmental impact report, with hearings expected to begin later this year."


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

oh this kinda building is so familiar - a lot of UK cities got destroyed in WW2 and re-built exactly like i grew up in a concrete jungle where everything was already crumbling...guess that was one of the things that got the punk movement going - it was all so bleak. But then again i was looking at a tower block just last night set against the oranges and purples of the setting sun and thinking that any building can be beautiful if you know where to look

Buddha said...

Your posts never seize to amaze me. Every time I came to your blog there is a surprise waiting. I hope one of these days that surprise will be you. The amazing, wonderful person hiding behind those brilliant posts.

Lydia said...

I'm fascinated by your comment about the roots of the punk movement. It makes more sense than ever to me now. Also, that you recognize the beauty of the sun creating vibrant shades on city buildings really touched me.

Thank you for your comment about my blog. Given that your blog is a work of art in progress I consider it a compliment! You're kind to describe me in such *blush* complimentary terms, too. Do you mean that you wish I'd post a photo, or that you'd suggest my writing become more transparent?



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