Thursday, December 11, 2008

The sound of music

In October 2007 Mike and I heard Elisabeth Von Trapp with cellist Erich Kory in an "Evensong Concert" in Salem, Oregon. Some years before that I purchased her CD titled, CHRISTMAS SONG and it's become such a favorite of ours. Her rendition on that CD of
Dona Nobis Pachem is beyond gorgeous. Click here to find 30-second audio clips of all the songs on this special album.

Elisabeth is the granddaughter of the legendary Maria and Baron Von Trapp, and she told the audience that afternoon at the concert that her father was the son called Kurt in the movie, THE SOUND OF MUSIC. I read since then that her father passed away. I am not aware if there are more living members of the original Von Trapp Family Singers, but Elisabeth continues the tradition of sharing music, as do a group of great-grandchildren of Maria and Baron Von Trapp, known as The Von Trapp Children (their website features a video and more).

Elisabeth Von Trapp's website has a list of upcoming tour dates for December 2008 and into 2009. I'm posting the concerts for the end of December, just in case any readers of my blog live nearby any of these areas and may have an opportunity to add her concert to your holiday plans. (check link for phone info)

Fri. Dec. 12 Kingsport, TN Renaissance Center

Sun. Dec. 14 Morgantown, NC (no site given)

Tues. Dec. 16 Newberry, SC Newberry Opera House

Sun. Dec. 21 Washington D.C. Kennedy Center Millennium Stage

Tues. Dec. 23 Shelburne, VT All Souls Interfaith Gathering

by Basho and Onitsura
Music by Elisabeth von Trapp

Waterfall Music

Nine times arising
To see the moon ... whose solemn place
Marks only midnight yet

Black cloudbank broken
Scatters in the night ... now see
Moon-lighted mountain

Mountain-rose petals
Falling, falling, falling now...
Waterfall music

Watching, I wonder
What poet could put down his quill...
A pluperfect moon !

Elisabeth von Trapp Vocals
Chuck Eller Keyboard
Tony Markellis Fretless Bass
Stefan Scherthaner Musical Saw

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Charles Eller Studios, Charlotte, Vermont by Charles Eller and Lane Gibson in September & October 2003


Von Trapp Music
POB 827
Waitsfield, VT
tel 802-496-3171
e mail



Melinda said...

Lydia, what absolutely beautiful music by Elizabeth Von Trapp. And the video that accompanied was so perfect--it reminded me of driving through Montana's beautiful winters.

When I was a young child, I loved that movie, 'The Sound of Music' more than any other. I saw it countless times and even put together a neighborhood version of it (we didn't have the actual script but I wrote my own version, and we performed all the songs). It was the Sound of Music that bit me with the theater bug!

I really enjoyed hearing it.


Lydia said...

It really is beautiful, I agree. And I guess that a good portion of the country will be seeing snow (albeit not like Montana's) in the next days, including here in Oregon's western valleys.

That's just so impressive that you wrote your own version of The Sound of Music when you were a kid. What fun to know about your beginnings as an actor! Thanks much for sharing special memories like that.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I heard someone say recently that, in reality, Maria Von Trapp was a far cry from the picture of innocence we see in Julie Andrew's portrayal

It's good to see family traditions being upheld though and you've made me wonder if i should look through the TV schedules to see when The Sound Of Music is showing (not IF you notice, but WHEN - it's on every year without fail!)

Lydia said...

Don't you think we all are different in reality than the portrayals by actors in movies of us? Huh? O, back to reality....

Absolutely, you must see the movie again this season. I'll look for it too but the competition will be It's a Wonderful Life, The Wizard of Oz, and A Christmas Story...among others. Strange how I don't tire of seeing my favorites.

Carlos Lorenzo said...

Striking voice. I watched the video. Excellent. It's a pity she doesn't come to Barcelona.

francessa said...

Wonderful music, thank you!

Another reason, of course, to visit the shooting locations of
"The Sound of Music" here in Austria!

Elizabeth said...

She has such a beautiful voice. I'll have to see if that CD is on iTunes.

I have fond memories of the Sound of Music tour in Austria. :)

Lydia said...

Wouldn't it be something if she saw these comments and decided that adding Barcelona to a future tour was a great idea? You would love her concert.

She is special for sure. Let's put that on my future travel list of things to do there! Look below: Elizabeth knows what you are speaking about! :)

That's so wonderful that you have taken the Sound of Music tour in Austria. I so hope that I'll be able to visit my dear friend Francessa in Austria some day.



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