Friday, January 9, 2009

Simone, Joan, Dick, Dave, and I

Born January 9
on planet Earth in various times of history:

...Simone de Beauvoir

.............Joan Baez

.....................Richard Nixon

..............................Dave Matthews, Lydia!

Thank you for the phone call in the early morning, Dex. I'm sorry the connection was cut off from Philippines but hearing your voice for a few minutes was so wonderful! Love you, dear one.

Thank you, Francessa, for the surprise gift in the mail and for a truly wondrous post at your blog. You're such a special you like a sis, you know.

Thank you, Sharry, for such a surprise package in the mail and the beautiful e-card. Mainly, thank you for helping me focus on the important things, my friend.



Lisa Allender said...

You make the Blogosphere a better, brighter, happier place!
Thank you again for my "Kreative Blogger Award", too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lydia! Great post as usual...Nixon - Piano...who knew? :o)

Steve Morozumi said...


From all of us over here at the fluxlife blog!

hope this is your best birthday ever!

-Steve @ fluxlife

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lydia.
May you find joy this year.

Yesterday was my late husband's birthday -- and Elvis, which I didn't know, and I am pretty sure John didn't either.

I found your blog from "a little red hen".

francessa said...

Lydia, the Nixon video was fun, but Joan and Bob are the best! And you, of course, but I didn't hear any singing ;-)

distracted by shiny objects said...

happy, happy, joy, joy, kiddo.

Elizabeth said...

Happy happy happy birth day ! Looks like there are some great individuals who are lucky enough to share your day. I wish you a wonderful year ahead!

Lydia said...

Thanks for the bday wishes and I hope you're feeling better every day. :)

Yea, who knew. Nixon and Baez....hmm, kinda makes you rethink that whole horoscope thing doesn't it! Thanks for the bday greeting.

Thank you to you and everybody at fluxlife for those wishes. It was indeed a good, easygoing day. :)

What a surprise to have a birthday greeting from a new reader! Sorry you have lost your husband; how nice you would remember him here.

No fan of Nixon's here! I agree about Bob and Joan. Do you know there are over 20 pages for Joan at You Tube? I settled on this one for the sweet song and rare photos. I fed the birds so THEY would sing! :)

Such fun birthday wishes from you; thanks! :)

Thanks for stopping by on my birthday to spread cheer. What famous folks share your birthday?...

Jennifer said...

I'm a day late!

Happy birthday!

I pick Simone de Beauvoir as my second-favorite January 9 birthday, yours being the first. I was always sad that I missed John Lennon's birthday by only a few hours, instead deciding to be born on David Lee Rot's b-day.

Hope you had a wonderful day and are looking forward to a great year.

Jennifer said...

Oops. Think I wrote: David Lee Rot. Ha. That would be David Lee Roth. You can delete this comment if I'm wrong ...

Lydia said...

You are so very kind. Wasn't Simone de Beauvoir marvelous!
I'd be disappointed, too, to have missed that attachment with John Lennon. Maybe the hospital got it wrong.....yeah, that's it.

YogaforCynics said...

Well, four outta five ain't bad--Gawd, though it must've been galling for Joan Baez protesting back in the Nixon era to know she and Dick shared a birthday....

I've always been happy to share a birthday with the sadly-now-deceased guy who sang "show me that I'm everywhere, and get me home for tea."

word verification: chescrop...sounds kinda nasty....

Anyway, happy birthday a couple days late. Love the birdseed video....

Lydia said...

Wow, George Harrison is my favorite Beatle...a true mystic of our time. You seem to share like qualities with him, really.

Chescrop is nothing to joke about, especially after mentioning tea. :?

I'm glad you enjoyed that video capturing a daily routine no matter the weather.

Lydia said...

I forgot: you have to be correct about Joan's reaction to sharing the birthday with Nixon. It's not funny, not one little bit....

rachael said...

Okay, this is slightly four days late, but happy birthday!

Since mailing a card would only prolong my already belated wishes, I made you this instead:


Lydia said...


I LOVE that card you made for me! I don't even have the slightest idea how you did it; it's so cool and so beautiful. Thank you for the best belated birthday wish ever and for the sweetest message. You ARE a great friend. xo :)

Angela said...

Happy Belated Birthday, my dear!

Lydia said...

Many thanks for the belated wishes. It's been fun to hear from so many blogger friends; having a blog definitely adds to birthday happiness.



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