Monday, January 26, 2009

something i missed

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Just terrific. Even with my best intentions to clear clutter, get organized, simplify my life (have you visited my
other blog dedicated to that ideal?) I missed a biggie.

Over the weekend while transferring applicable information from last year's bill organizer to the new one I discovered in the 2008 November pocket a notice that my driver's license would expire on my birthday. Which was over two weeks ago. I've been driving illegally during that time, but now that I am aware of the situation I'm landlocked until I remedy the mess.

This wasn't altogether my fault as the folks at Daytimer, where, for years, I've ordered these nifty bill organizers made by Flavia, decided to not carry them in 2009. That caused me to touch base in mid-December last year with a kind Flavia representative who said that, because of the demand, they had run out of their supply and new ones were being published. So at the end of the year when I am usually organizing the thing for the new year I had to resort to a makeshift file for upcoming bills while I waited. The rep then emailed me saying that they'd found a stock of old ones in another warehouse and were selling these at a discount because on the inside flap the three-year calendar ended with 2007. The calendar being incidental, I ordered two!

Upon checking the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles website on Sunday I happily found that they don't make people retake the driving and book tests until a license has been expired for over a year. That worry gone, now all I have to do is gather together about every personal document I have to satisfy the new renewal requirements. At least they don't require a DNA smear. Yet.

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dmarks said...

That looks like a scene from "Koyaanisqatsi" at the top of the post.

Kirie said...

Oh yes, I did the exact same thing a few years ago, and slunk with some humiliation to our DMV. For the most part, things like this don't slip my mind. But under times of stress, I find the big basics (where are my keys? what forms do I need for A's school? where is our bill from the dr.'s office) flee my thoughts. I've finally learned that it's a sign to slow down, like a kind of passive aggression towards myself.

I'm glad you don't have to go through the whole test thing. And just think: tracking down the necessary docs will be one more step toward being more organized.


Rhiannon said...


I got the same notification that you show here on your post from the DMV. I've got my birth certificate and other papers to "prove" that I am a U.S. citizen and my residence address,etc.. My Drivers license expires in March.

Don't forget though here in Oregon and most states they will be giving you a vision test when you go in to take your photo I.D. because of your age. I'm worried about that one! EEK! What if I don't pass?

I also have to pay for my car registration this year next month and also go to have it "Smog checked" which I have to pay for both things. Some Oregon towns require this but others don't. My car is a 94 so hope it passes! I also have to get my handicapped parking renewed from my Dr..

Obviously there will be a lot for me to take care of within the next 5 weeks or so...all having to do with my car...sigh.

Wish us both good luck with all this...:o)


Rhiannon said...

P.S. "Happy Belated Birthday to you"!!..:o)

Steve Morozumi said...

yes, happy belated to you from the fluxlife blog as well!

you did mention in your comment at fluxlife yesterday (1/25), that your license had expired. interestingly, it was related to the fluxlife Sunday Funnies posted cartoon.

good luck gathering every last identification paper those dog gone bureaucrats are drooling for! i think a DNA sample might be easier (lol)!

honestly though, best of luck!

-Steve @ fluxlife

Buddha said...

The older we get the faster time seems to fly.
We already are 1 month into 2009. God that is so unfair!
I hardly have time to do anything anymore, plus my memory seems to slowly go away.
So don’t feel bad we are all having the same experience.
So focus on the good, positive side of life and enjoy it!
Be loved!

francessa said...

Oh my, Lydia, that's tiresome!

How often do you have to get the license renewed? Ours here are obviously made for eternity ;-)

Lydia said...

@DMarks- Yes, you're right, it does. Is it? Possibly, but it wasn't coded in any way at tinypic. (What a great, great film that is...)

@Kirie- Thanks much for the positive way to look at this! It certainly will force me to corral those documents in the same place once I'm finished show-and-tell at the DMV. I felt relieved knowing you had the same thing happen to you. :)

@Rhi- You can see how I trapped myself by placing the notice in the November pocket, fully intending to act upon it. Do you want me to remind you as March gets closer? I'd probably do a better job being diligent on your behalf than on my own!
Re: the smog check, last I knew our area didn't have this but I'll surely find out. You really do have a bundle of car-related duties coming up, and I DO wish you luck. Thanks for the b-day wishes also. :)

@Steve- Yes, when I saw the cartoon at fluxlife I immediately thought about my license. The cartoon was great and I wish I'd have thought to link to your post. :(

@Buddha- Yup, I remember people used to tell me that time would go faster as I got older and it really does. My sis sent me Paul McCartney's CD 'Memory Almost Full' for my birthday and there's a song on it that describes this well. You are such a good Buddha to remind me (us) to enjoy our lives. :)

@Francessa- It is tiresome! I guess that tomorrow I'll begin collecting the documents from various files. As Kirie said it will serve a good purpose in the end having to do this.
I thought ours renewed every ten years, but obviously it's every eight because my current one is from 2001. Yours are for life?! Wow.



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