Sunday, February 1, 2009

thinking twice

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My Word is Think:

You see life as an amazing mix of
possibilities, ideas, and fascinations. {true!}
And sometimes you feel like you
don't have enough time to take it all in. {less time all the time as a matter of fact}

You love learning.
{I do.}
Whether you're in school {I returned to college & completed my BA degree at 47}
or not, you're probably immersed in several
subjects right now. {true}

When you're not learning, you're
busy reflecting. You think a lot about
the people you know and the things
you've experienced.
{guilty as charged}

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I think...therefore, here's where you
won't find me on Sunday . . .



Honour said...

I wondered how accurate a five-question survey could be (ah, the researcher in me is coming out), then I hoped that mine wouldn't be "think" (my fortune teller told me to stop processing things and follow my heart) and now .... the word that came up for me is peace.

and I am pleased :)

thanks for sharing that lydia.

The Acolyte Tao said...

Wow, what a pathetic dogmatic sign. Haha.

Lydia said...

@Honour- I'm not in the slightest bit surprised that your word was "Peace" and would love to see the short write up. That word is you!

@The Acolyte Tao- Ah! Pathetic! That's the exactly perfect description for the sign. Welcome to my blog and thanks so much for leaving a comment. :)

francessa said...

Hi Thinker,

my word is peace! Thanks for the song!

Ted Bagley said...

So true, though, if yer lettin' Pastor Ricky think for ya'. Maybe he can carry your cross for ya', too. For a small fee, of course. He, he.
Church signs tend to say more than they intend, don't they?

Di Mackey said...

I picked up fearless but I'm full of fear. I guess 'feel the fear and do it anyway' is more :) Thanks for this though, it was nice to just sit here on the couch and think about the questions.

Lydia said...

@Francessa- This is the second test we've taken where you came out with something having to do with peace (I don't remember the particulars of the test now). I want some of that peace that you and Honour have!

@Ted- Yup,....a church named Harmony with a sermon sign like that? I'm not sure Letterman could come up with that on his show even!

@Di- You, full of fear? If that's the case you should write a book (full of your astonishing photography) on how to overcome it! Fearless seems like a great word for the way you've lived your life so far. :)

Rhiannon said...

That sign is just pitiful isn't it Lydia? I grew up in a family of baptist fundamentalist. You are "taught" and "preached" at to never think for yourself,or have a mind of your just sit there and wait for "god to do it all"...meanwhile the butt gets a bit sore after years of just "waiting" and sitting there!

I'm "still standing" but the rest of my blood relatives are still sitting there waiting for god to come and for the sky to fall..without making much effort to find out who the heck they really are "inside" themselves

I appreciate you sharing this sign with us..but beware of a baptist coming in here and seeing that! could get quite a lecture..:o)..been there done that.



Lydia said...

@Rhi- We share another similarity. When I was nine our family began attending a Baptist church (it was American Baptist, not the ultra-conservative Southern Baptist) and it lasted for about four years before the interest waned. I don't recall that kind of rigid message there, HOWEVER, I married into a family of arch-conservative Presbyterians and they do a lot of that waiting for god you wrote about! We're like oil and water (is that from the Bible?)!

Jennifer said...

I am like my 3.5 year old. My word is "why."

More to catch up on here, after bedtime. Sorry I've been away for a while.

Buddha said...

If free thinker is a slave.
Then a slave to the dogma would be a free man?
Is that an oximoron or what?

Lydia said...

@Jennifer- Ooh, this really makes me want to see how the quiz describes "Why".....that's a fascinating result!

#Buddha- Maybe it's an oximoron but that preacher sounds like a moron for sure! ;)

Looking to the Stars said...

That was a neat test, thanks. My word was peace and yes peace for all nations is very important to me.
I agree with you Lydia, the preacher is a moron. I gave that life up long ago when I saw it for what it really was, people on power trips

Lydia said...

@Looking to the Stars- I feel that my "peace friends" have blessed my blog!

You sure pegged 'em: people on power trips.

Jennifer said...

Hello --

Here's the "why" results. They are probably befitting someone who majored in philosophy:

You see life as complicated and intriguing. The only thing you know for sure is that you haven't figured it all out yet.
You question everything and believe very little. And whatever you believe is likely to change.

You are interested in theories, philosophies, and religions... even if you don't buy into any of them.
You are also fascinated by how things work. You'd like to understand as much in the world as possible.

Elizabeth said...

I loved the photo of the gorilla with his hand on his chin. Now I have to go and take the test .. why do I think it will be think, LOL.

YogaforCynics said...

A free thinker is Satan's slave! Oh god, I love it!

Personally, quit thinking around the time I quit learning: after my the granting of my PhD made me officially smart. So take that Bob Dylan: I didn't even think once!

Lydia said...

@Jennifer- Thank you for coming back and posting the description of "Why". That does sound like a philosophy major and it does sound a lot like the foundation for much of your writing. :)

@Elizabeth- I remember once before we came out the same on a similar kind of quiz. So, were you think?

Lydia said...

@YogaforCynics- (I responded to the other two above before seeing your comment just waiting there, anxiously, for approval.)

Yeah, isn't that sign just classic?
I am almost positive that Bob Dylan would approve of what you wrote here. In the early days he maybe even would have come up with a song about this church sign.....



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