Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mable's Scrapbook: Allen & Ginter cigarette ad

Allen and Ginter was the Richmond, Virginia, tobacco manufacturing firm formed by John Allen and Lewis Ginter in 1875 that created and marketed the first cigarette cards for collecting and trading. Some of the cards in the series include Charles Comiskey, Cap Anson, Jack Glasscock, and Buffalo Bill.

The company also offered a prize for the invention of a machine able to roll cigarettes (which until then had been hand-rolled). James Albert Bonsack won this prize with his 1880/81 invention. Because it was not completely reliable, all but one of the large tobacco manufacturers declined to buy the machine. James Buchanan Duke did buy this cigarette rolling machine in 1885 and used it to great success; by 1890 he had consolidated his four major competitors, including Allen & Ginter, and formed the American Tobacco Company. The "Allen & Ginter Company" was no more, but Lewis Ginter sat on the board of the American Tobacco Company.

The cigarette brands of Allen & Ginter included Richmond Gems, Virginia Brights, Perfection, Dandies and Little Beauties.


Today I am celebrating the 16th anniversary of when I quit smoking. The trick for me was a one-hour hypnosis session. Anyone out there thinking of saying goodbye forever to nicotine? Commit to it, do it, struggle with it, get through it, and move beyond it.

You should never starteth it, but if you did you can quiteth it.............

Tobacco drieth the brain, dimmeth the sight, vitiateth the smell, hurteth the stomach, destroyeth the concoction, disturbeth the humors and spirits, corrupteth the breath, induceth a trembling of the limbs, exsiccateth the windpipe, lungs, and liver, annoyeth the milt, scorcheth the heart, and causeth the blood to be adjusted.

Tobias Venner, (1577-1660)
Via Recta ad Vitam Longam
Source: Bloomsbury book of quotations

Who was Mable? Background information.



RB said...

I was never a big smoker, but one day my lungs couldn't take it anymore. Now I can have (literally) two drags of a cigarette and if I have more I lose my voice for two days. Even though I still want them, I just can't.

Darlene said...

I don't remember the exact date or year that I quit smoking, but it is close to 50 years ago. I was never a heavy smoker, but it was still hard. I quit cold turkey and remember pounding on the walls when I wanted a cigarette. It was doubly hard for me because my husband and I both quit at the same time, but he started up again after two weeks. Knowing how terrible a lit cigarette smells now I wonder why it smelled so good when he lit one. Addiction can even fool the sense of smell.

Looking to the Stars said...

Lydia, I was wondering who Mabel was. That is so cool that you have scrapbooks from your family. I love it! I found this information on the rolled cig machine fascinating, loved every word of it, and loved the pic, thanks.
Congrats on 16 years of not smoking!

Buddha said...

Isn't amazing how Hypnosis works?
I am making plans for future and I am thinking going back to my therapy business but also I want to do something creative as well.
Choices, choices…
Any way, congratulation on your 16 anniversary and many happy returns!

Erin Davis said...

Happy anniversary! I am amazed that it took only one hypnotherapy session. Sometimes I think I should try that to quit bad food...

Lydia said...

@RB- Your body certainly is sending clear messages to you. I'm glad you're paying attention. :)

@Darlene- I've thought about your story throughout the day and have envisioned you pounding on the walls. Whatever it takes! It's really difficult living with a smoker while quitting (as was the case for me also). I'm glad we were able to stay strong.

@Looking to the Stars- Thanks for the good wishes. I was fascinated with the cigarette roller story also. Who knew that was the beginning of the mega American Tobacco Co.!

@Buddha- Yes, I think highly of hypnosis since it worked so beautifully for me. It sounds as if you are thinking of a mid-career-change. I trust that you'll find your right course. :)

@Erin- I think hypnosis would work really well with working on eating habits. I had tried to quit smoking prior to my hypnosis, and by the time I made that appointment I was truly ready. That undoubtedly played into my success. Also, the hypnotist was a true professional, a psychologist whom the Portland Police used on certain cases.....

Hattie said...

Smoking is so addictive. I have not smoked regularly for 40 years, but I still crave cigarettes and really enjoy one now and then.

Marie Reed said...

I have very intense memories of my Mother smoking. She was constantly ailed with bronchitis and had horrible asthma problems. She seemed to always be reaching for an inhaler.. After she stopped smoking she truly became a new woman! Her cheeks were so rosy and her energy level skyrocketed!

This is a tremendous post!

Lydia said...

@Hattie- It's amazing to me that you can have one now and again. If I smoked a cigarette I know it would set me straight back on the road as a heavy smoker.

@Marie Reed- Sounds as if we have similar memories of our moms when we were little. I'm glad you mom stopped smoking early enough for it to make a difference in her life. My mom, bless her, finally did stop cold turkey some years after I stopped....and she enjoyed some healthy and energized years afterward. But ultimately, lung cancer killed her. I hate cigarettes.



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