Tuesday, April 21, 2009

after the goldrush 1973 before earth day 2009

This video by midnight equinox features After the Goldrush by Neil Young, with versions by Prelude and Radiohead.

I have the record album titled After the Goldrush by Prelude that contains the namesake song by Neil Young. It's an album that, even when I touch the cover, transports me back to the very time when the album was a rush to listen to, and I flushed in the presence of those who gushed that these were golden days, that I was a golden girl, that we were all golden together, that we were beholden to the Earth for all of its blessings and that we would never betray the sacred oaths we made to one another or the Earth.

It was 1973, three years after the first Earth Day ......... the olden day

Photo: me in '73

You can listen to a short clip of the Prelude version, and buy the full song, here.



dmarks said...

I love that song. I blogged about it recently as a "science fiction song"

svasti said...

1973 huh? December of that year saw me turn two years old. Lovely to hear music from that time since, y'know, at that age I wasn't so much into music and The Wiggles didn't exist at the time! ;)

Gorgeous song, too...

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I didn'd know it by him and had no idea, it was that old! I know it by Linda Ronstadt. both beautiful versions! thanks for posting this!

You know, I've got two things for you, too:

where I mention your comment as well.

did you have a nice Easter?
We made it to paris, but also having guests... it was quite a stressing time as well
more about paris:

lots of love, sarah sofia

Looking to the Stars said...

Is that you I see peeking over the flower :)
Those were indeed golden times and hope shone brightly. Have a happy Earth Day (tomorrow). I will be going out in my backyard, cup a handful of dirt in my hand and give thanks.

Buddha said...

Two beautiful flowers!
I can see why those were the golden days :)

Marie Reed said...

You are just darling! This transports me back too:) I this is just the right way to start my morning!

Lydia said...

@dmarks- I love it too, especially by Prelude. Am tying a mental string around my finger to remind me to read that post of yours...

@svasti- Svasti's just a baby.....well, compared to me you are! I'm glad you think the song is beautiful and we'll both have to forgive The Wiggles for never making a cover of it. :)

@Sarah Sofia- I'm feeling neglectful reading the links you have for my attention at your blog. Forgive me my absence and I will be by soon.
Paris? You went to Paris? How exciting!

@Looking to the Stars- yup, me in the pic. I absolutely love your idea of cupping a handful of earth and giving thanks on Earth Day. I will do the same. It is my favorite of all holidays, the one that's most meaningful to me....

@Buddha- That's awesome for you to say that. Wouldn't it be fun to be able to go back for just one day to certain times in your life? Around that time would be amazing to revisit...

@Marie Reed- Being 22-years-old is darling! It all goes by so swiftly. I always heard people say that but couldn't fathom what they truly meant. Until that fast ride sped me through the years and deposited me here, now, to ponder.....



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