Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Old Postcard Wednesday--Vintage Family Photo Postcard, Kansas City, Missouri

Yogi Berra once said: It's deja vu all over again.

That must be what those of you who read the post just before this one are thinking right now! Call this deja vu with a twist, since, yes, it's the same photo featured in the other post........with the surprise that it was actually an old family photo postcard.

I couldn't resist having it as this week's Old Wednesday Postcard, especially since one visitor actually came to my blog yesterday via their Google search for "vintage photos turned into postcards," thereby ensuring that the next person to search accordingly will actually find one here.

You may be wondering if the rest of the vintage Kansas City family photographs shown in the previous post were also postcards. They were not. In fact, that shot of the Old Home and Teddie is the only of its kind in all of my grandmother's photo memorabilia. And it exists only in this form. I've never found the original photograph, which leads me to wonder if photographers were commissioned to take photos specifically for the purpose of creating postcards. That's my best guess.

*(Quotes By Yogi Berra - Yogi-isms)



Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I don't know if this comment helps - but my father has lots of old photos of my great-grandfather and family.

Back in the day (late victorian and after) almost all the photos would be printed onto postcards. I think the idea was to send your distant relatives pictures of yourself. I can ask him for more info if you'd like?

In the mean time (and jumping to the front of the bad joke queue) is that the same Yogi Berra that used to steal pic-er-nick baskets?

Marie Reed said...

I like how he has underlined Teddie on the back! It shows how beloved that horse was!

naomi dagen bloom said...

Adding to Pixie above [great bad joke], here's what I know. Itinerant photographers would go from one community to another, take photos of families and their significant possessions.

Of course, the house was important, but the sewing machine, butter churn might also be out there in the yard along with the occupants.

Erin Davis said...

I absolutely love looking at the handwriting of those who have come before us. Not sure why...

Looking to the Stars said...

I love the fact that this pic is a postcard. I never knew they did things like that. I always loved handwriting to, differant parts of the country wrote differantly. I would say it was the way they were taught when they were in school.

Lydia said...

@DFTP- You got the jump on the bad joke, you silly. :)
Thanks; when I first read your comment I thought yes that I would like for you to consult your dad, but other comments arrived that bore out what you said. It's fascinating to me the use of postcards in that way.

@Marie- You noticed that too! It was my grandmother's handwriting, and so telling of her love for Teddie with that underline. :)

@Naomi- Thanks for additional information. I really had to smile when I read that people would gather around them their prized possessions. I'd love to see some of those old postcards with scenes like that!

@Erin- I do also! That, and the different singing styles through the ages....

@Looking to the Stars- How interesting that you also are into the old handwriting styles. You make a great point about how they were trained. Now some kids don't even know how to write in cursive handwriting....change.

Sheila said...

In the UK too, we have many, many old photos printed as postcards. I often come across them, but sadly they frequently give no indication of who the people are. A generation or two down the line, and the details become lost.

Daryl said...

Interesting info thanks to Naomi and it adds to the picture postcard .. now I am wondering if this is how the term 'picture postcard' came to be!

Lydia said...

Sheila- I'm now becoming all the more curious about these photo postcards. It seems they were the forerunner to the photo Christmas card that may be on its way to extinction also as it seems each year there are fewer holiday cards sent/received....
and thanks for being here!

@Daryl- I would bet that you are right about the origination of that term! :)



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