Saturday, May 2, 2009

Willow the birdwatcher: an Awe~dubon clip

Willow was seven months old on May Day. To celebrate her in my life, and for your viewing pleasure, here is her latest video. This one was shot by Mike, who just the other night observed that he loves her special countenance, adding "She makes life worth living." To which I replied that I thank God for her every day. To say that we love Willow is putting it mildly!

The scene
Birdfeeder at kitchen window. It has a one-way mirror that allows us to enjoy watching the birds (in this case a pair of House Finches) while they admire themselves and munch seeds with a complete sense of security and privacy.

Note the glass whale on window sill. Note that Willow, in her excitement, forgot that there even was a window sill, believing instead that she was on her way outside to check out the birds.

The glass whale somehow survived its crash into the sink. It's now in the bedroom. Clorox Wipes have become a standard, practically hourly, part of time in the kitchen. Willow in the meantime is in for a real show when parent birds introduce their young to the feeder.....
On second thought, I think I'll keep the blinds closed when the baby birds are being weaned.



distracted by shiny objects said...

Looks like crack for cats...:>)

svasti said...

That's fantastic! I love her attentiveness just before she springs, and you can tell that she remembers all too late she's on the other side of a window.

Beautiful! ;)

Koe Whitton-Williams said...

Lydia - very funny video clip. Willow was thinking about having the Finch family over for dinner. I wonder. . . do you suppose they taste like chicken?

Just Be Real said...

Lydia, new here. What a delightful video. I am a proud owner of two birds, so I can just imagine Willow having a good time with them also.
Thank you for sharing the video.

francessa said...

What a lovely and lively creature, Lydia!

Lover of Life said...

She was very patient until it was just too much! Cat are so funny. And so patient.

Lydia said...

@Distracted- Too funny, and spoken like one who works in a large city hospital!

@Svasti- She really does look gawky as she pauses (paws crossed over paws)there on the sill. I bet she was embarrassed because she's actually a graceful cat most of the time.

@Koe- Yes her plans were definitely foiled. I actually never wondered what little birds taste like, not that I'll make a test of it, but now you have me curious. :)

@Just Be Real- Happy to have you here! Thanks for your comments. I once had a Peace-face Lovebird who I loved dearly, and I wonder what kinds you own. I love visiting birds in pet stores and wish I could adopt them all.

@Francessa- I asked her and Willow says it is fine with her that you call her a creature. She thinks it's a novel concept. :)

@Lover of Life- Cats really are funny and I'm glad Mike got this so I could see this antic.
Patience? You should have seen her earlier today watching a tiny spider that tried to walk across the laundry room floor.....never making it to the other side :(



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