Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Willow on my pillow

What is the source of the love she bears me? . . . She has the modesty that belongs to perfect lovers, and their dread of too insistent contacts. I shall not say much more about her. All the rest is silence, faithfulness, impacts of soul, the shadow of an azure shape on the blue paper that receives everything I write, the silent passage of paws silvered with moisture.

Colette (1873-1954)
French novelist



Friko said...

what a sweetie Willow is!
All my cats have died of old age; Kipper was the last to go. Now I have Benno, the dog, but there will be cats again. Cats to cuddle, while sitting on the sofa, cats to rub themselves on my legs, cats to slip under the blankets in bed. Cats to sit in the suitcase, protesting, every time I leave them to go away.

Thanks again for joining my blog. Would you consider listing me in your blog list, please? It's nice to have readers and collect comments.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

A big awwwwwwwwwwww at this one!

My female cat likes climbing into bed - but tends to play with the tassles on my PJs

My male lies down on my throat or my head - whichever he thinks will wake me soonest so that he can get more food. I will eventually post some pix

M Riyadh Sharif said...

Such a cute photo!

Kim said...

Willow! I love Willow on your Pillow!

What a great pic.

francessa said...

That's a lovely companion you have here, Lydia! Are you going to sleep or waking up together?

Hattie said...

That is perfect. I love Colette.

Margo said...

aww, you two fit together perfectly :)

the watercats said...

This was lovely.. I must admit, we don't own a cat. (the irony!).. but I remember that warm, selfishly placed thing on my pillow.

Lydia said...

@Friko- Your running description of the ways that cats enhance our lives sounds like the prelude to a story about them. And that brings up another of their antics: cats who jealously prevent you from reading by positioning themselves between you and your book!

@Pixies- Yes, absolutely, post some photos of your two. You've written about them enough to make me really want to see them. :)

@M Riyadh Sharif- Thank you, and please know that my heart goes out to Bangladesh in the aftermath of the storm.

@Kim- I feel that you are sort of her godmother. I know that sounds crazy, but you seem to have a special feeling for Willow!

@Francessa- Mike took this in the late morning after we had had a long sleep together. She's definitely my baby. :)

@Hattie- When I saw the shot I thought "now, I just bet that Colette wrote something that will describe this," and of course she did!

@Margo- We really do. :) She figured that out her first night home with us. She snuggled under my right shoulder with her head on my pillow and purred us to sleep.

@the watercats- huh? You two, who could fill the Ark with the pets you care for, don't have a cat? There's surely another one in your future down the line. Even if allergies are at play, take it from me that shots work. :)

Buddha said...

I am a dog lover but I have to admit; when it comes to naps a cat is so much better :)

Lydia said...

@Buddha- I agree. I love to wrap my arms around each of our two big dogs and hug them. But I don't like getting down on the floor and cuddling them like my husband does!

M Riyadh Sharif said...

This world needs more human beings like you. I mean it!

Lisa Allender said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet. Getting caught up with you, Lydia. I am scrolling through all your recent posts. Will comment on several.

Lydia said...

@M Riyadh- You are just too kind. :)
I think the world needs more humans BEING!

@Lisa- I wish you could see what's happening right now as I'm replying to you. Willow is watching a raccoon from the open window. Mild meets wild!

kathew said...

reading your post about Willow and the Christmas Tree led me astray? to this lovely post. Aren't cats just the best? After some humans of course! Cheers



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