Thursday, June 4, 2009

Everything he wrote is golden

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Pluck this little flower and take it, delay not! I fear lest it droop and drop into the dust.

It may not find a place in thy garland, but honour it with a touch of pain from thy hand and pluck it. I fear lest the day end before I am aware, and the time of offering go by.

Though its colour be not deep and its smell be faint, use this flower in thy service and pluck it while there is time.

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) Indian poet, playwright and essayist; Won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913

This is Number Four in a randomly-posted, continuing series of quotes by Tagore.
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Number Two
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discoveranand said...

Hi lydia! This clearly shows your keen interest in reading. I suggest you to read about one of the greatest kings of India whose name is Shivaji.This great king inspired oppessed people to unite against moghul and other islamic tyrannies in India in 17th century .Our thosands of generations owe him a lot. Words are not just enough to tell about him. Although most of the british historians have painted him as a bandit but that is very unjust portrait,don't believe them.You may find his pic on my blog!

M Riyadh Sharif said...

Did you know that Tagore is the 1st Bengali and 1st Asian to win a Nobel Prize?
Our National Anthem is written by him. Here it is:
He is surely our pride! Glad to know that you go through his creations.

Lydia said...

@discoveranand- I must say that I know absolutely nothing about King Shivaji or the history you speak of here. This is one of the reasons I treasure blogging: these exchanges of views and information, even different slants on the same topic, truly enrich those of us who move beyond the familiar and stretch out for more. I'll see his photo at your blog.

@M Riyadh- Yes! I did know about the Bangladesh national anthem being written by Tagore. I included a video in my second installment of this series (click link at "Number Two") that I found particularly enchanting. I'll follow the link you provided for more.
Tagore's work is precious to me. I certainly understand why he is the pride of your land.

Darlene said...

Like you, Lydia, this is what I love about blogging. I learn so many things that were unknown to me before. I had never heard of Tagore so now I am impelled to learn more.

Citizen of Earth said...

Well spoken
And well read

Each day
A little flower
For me to live

And to learn

Thanks for this

distracted by shiny objects said...

Gorgeous. Not a lot of words, but a lot to ponder. So happy you posted this.

Lydia said...

@Darlene- I knew you felt similarly to me about blogging because of some of the insights you've shared at your blog. :)

@Citizen of Earth- Tagore would no doubt appreciate the way you communicate in poetry. I know I sure do.

@Distracted- It's wondrous in its simplicity, yes. Hope you find a flower to pick on Friday!

Buddha said...

I can babble better than anybody!
But it takes genius to be simple.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Terry said...

Howdy Lydia
Thank you for the words that touch our lives in so many unexpected ways.
This is why blogging is so wonderful to me
so many new words to meet from around the world.
Have a lovely weekend.
Happy Trails

Lover of Life said...

Beautiful. And a very pretty little flower.

Lydia said...

@Buddha- And a happy weekend to you, too. Please understand that I love Buddha Babble. :)

@Terry- Thank you for your sweet comments, and -- as always -- I love that "Happy Trails" blessing of yours.

@Lover of Life- Thanks for being here and enjoy your weekend there at THE Lake. :)

Rhiannon said...

Lovely poems...thank you for sharing.

One of my favorite poets is Edna St. Vincent Millay. Late 1800's-early 1900's. She was the fist woman to have ever won a Pullitzer prize for her writing and poems..

Hope your doing well Lydia. My pc(used laptop) totally crashed and so I am using my big old "ancient" pc to check in from time to time.



Rhiannon said...

P.S. I have a new post up on my blog. I think you might find it interesting. I've also done a "sidebar" dedication of David Carradines passing.

Lydia said...

@Rhi- Amazing! Edna St. Vincent Millay was a favorite of my mother's. I must admit that I have not made myself familiar with her work, so I must do that.
Your darned computer! I hope you can remedy this soon because I think that have easy access to the internet is really important for you. I'll be by your blog later in the weekend. Right now I'm heading to bed because we're leaving the house at 7:30 tomorrow morning to drive to Portland for the Grand Floral Parade. (I will be a zombie!)



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