Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Old Postcard Wednesday--Bird's Eye View of Denver, Main Line, D. & R. G. R. R.

This postcard of old Denver is included in a folder featuring postcards with views along the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. It was a souvenir - belonging to my mother's brother, Richard - selected during the family's cross-country auto tour in 1923. He died in a car accident in 1927 at
age 15. Richard was pictured on the streets of Berkeley in 1916 in my post yesterday, and showing one of his treasured postcards seemed fitting for this week's Old Postcard Wednesday.

Here's a gorgeous view of Denver today.....
Aerial panoramic photograph of Denver by Stephen Gjevre. Located on the left is INVESCO Field at Mile High, home to the Denver Broncos football team. Located in front of INVESCO Field, with its gold-domed roof, is the Colorado state capitol.

While researching a bit on Denver for this post I came across this video done in 2008 that I find humorous, although the guy speaking appears to be serious. And the woman with him seems to agree with everything ... and I mean everything
... he says! If you like this you can find that he has done numerous videos at YouTube, evidently having his own "worship tour" going on.

I'll end with a piece of news that I did find exciting about other young people in the Denver area. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science conducted its third annual two-week paleontology field school in June. This year the group "focused on plant and mammal diversity and evolution from about 53 to 50 million years ago, a time during the early to middle Eocene that encompassed the highest global temperatures during the past 65 million years." (full article at link above)



Margo said...

Good heavens, that guy can talk. He should get a job in radio. I think it's funny when he gives the brief social studies lesson about Denver being the place where they make the rules. Also, I love the old Denver postcards... I've started buying old ones myself recently and I'm ridiculously excited about sharing them on PFFs! Yet another way for my inner geek - revealed!

Margo said...

PS - just checked out the Denver Museum site - how interesting! My younger daughter would go crazy for a program like that.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

So beautiful indeed those old post cards!

Darlene said...

Ny grandfather was a telegrapher for the D&RG railroad. He was based in Colorado Springs, however. He was also the first (and perhaps only) telegrapher on Pikes Peak.

Kim said...

It's interesting to put the past and current views of Denver side by side. Very interesting Old Postcard Wednesday (as is normal for you to have an interesting one)!

Hattie said...

Lydia: Sean Feucht and the slack-jawed gum chewer really cracked me up. His explanation of how state government works was a howl!
But how sad about your uncle dying in a car wreck. Families don't get over those things, even things that happened long ago, as I know from my own family history.

Looking to the Stars said...

What a neat postcard. Denver looks so nice, hard to believe it looked like that. I went to school and lived in Denver, I hate it. I cringe everytime we have to drive thru it (which is not often thank goodness)!
I wish Darlene would do a post on her grandfather, it would be a great one to read.
Looking forward to your next post :)

The Stylish House said...

I grew up in the Denver area. My HS class president & valdvictorian is the current CEO of the Denver Botanical Gardens. He is a super guy who found me on Facebook last year. Isn't the computer age wondeful!

the watercats said...

nod, nod, nod... nod. nod, nod.... amen.....!
ahhh.. it seems like I've been away for years! It's been so lovely dropping by here again, a little thinking time, quiet, intelligent, lovliness, a little bit more of the universe revealed... :-D Have just looked back over all posts I missed.. there's just too much to say! So I'll begin again at Denver. I've always been slightly fascinated by it, because of John Denver and his songs and the pictures he paints of Colarado and becase of dreams I have. It is a place that I get the feeling, if I made it there, I would recognise places, it would be like coming home. I have vivid dreams sometimes which I'm positive are based in Denver, when it was in it's first throws of life... I know it intimately... I don't know how or why.. I just do.. I hope someday I'll find out. I love the post cards... cheers!

Dave King said...

A lovely post in a delightful blog which I have only just discovered.

Lydia said...

Hello Everyone...With the exception of Dave King, who commented after I had done so, I replied to each of your comments on Thursday evening. Who knows what happened to them! Here goes another attempt...

@Margo- I'm excited that you have begun collecting postcards and I know well that special geeky feeling you get in sharing them!
Your daughter sounds like a smart girl; I like her taste in what interests her!

@Phivos- Yes! I should look to see if I can find some old ones from Cyprus. :)

@Darlene- I was excited when I read about your grandfather and I totally agree with Looking to the Stars that you should consider writing the story.

Kim- Thanks much for being a loyal reader of Old Postcard Wednesday.

@Hattie- I loved your description of the woman in the video. :)
I believe you commented about a family tragedy in your family when I wrote about my mother's brother earlier. Those ripples through time are real enough...

@Looking to the Stars- I trust that you must have good reasons for hating Denver. It seems pretty to me, looking from the outside in!

@Stylish House- Hi Cathy! I hope you enjoyed this vintage view of your hometown. Having a classmate who is the CEO of the Denver Botanical Gardens could really have its perks when you visit the area! I agree that these connections we make now are amazing.

@the watercats- Your comments were really fascinating. It seems you have a psychic connection with the Denver area. I think attractions like that can't be simply must visit Denver sometime. I hope it works out for you to do that!

@Dave King- Thank you so much for your kind comments. Much appreciated. I'll visit your blog soon.



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