Thursday, January 7, 2010

Great art is as irrational as great music. It is mad with its own loveliness.*

Music House by Valerie Walsh

Some of you may remember this post at Writerquake last October because the artwork featured was a big favorite. You probably won't click on the link so I'm going to reprint most of the post here because it's rather key to understanding how special what I have to share with you really is:
 . . . I've refreshed my mind tonight by looking at art and photography online. Of all genres, many appealed to me for different reasons.....this one especially for its expressive charm. I just love it, not only because it describes the houses of my childhood - but because it is a powerful reminder that I have still not taken violin lessons. I bought my violin two years ago after taking a fiddle workshop for adults conducted during our town's arts festival. It was taught by a classical violin teacher who has been with our school system for decades, and by a free-wheeling New Orleans-style fiddler (he calls his style "swamp rock"). They wondered: would this work? ...offering at a small price a five-night course for adults with little or no violin experience, and have them playing a song together at the end of the week? Well, it did work. It was one of the best times I've had in a decade and I consulted the classical teacher about the appropriate beginners violin to purchase, not expensive but not tacky either. We were all set for lessons when her elderly mother grew ill, and time went by that turned into years.

I was meant to find this artwork tonight. Because my silent violin is waiting for me.


Willow inspects Valerie's package, as if she knows the painting inside has a cat in the window. 
Note the little apricot-colored spot on top of Willow's head. It is her kiss-dot.

"Music House" -- a magical print by Valerie Walsh -- now graces a special spot in my home because she sent it to me as a gift after finding that I linked to her in that post of mine! She emailed me and said that she'd like to send me the print.......would I email her my address? I was absolutely thrilled and responded that I would treasure the print. When she wrote again saying that she was making a frame and that it would take a bit to dry due to the damp weather there I was practically dumbstruck by what she was offering to me. Amazing!

Here's the thing: we bloggers use the art and photography of others in many of our posts to enhance our words and to make our posts more visually appealing. I know I'm not alone in feeling special delight when I find just the right image to further evoke the meaning or message behind a particular post. That's what happened when I discovered "Music House" by Valerie Walsh. Where most artists and photographers will never personally get in touch with us as Val did in this case (I have received heartfelt thank you messages from three videographers in the past after posting their work here) we just don't know how featuring and giving credit to their work might please them. And neither we nor the artists may ever know how important one of their creations might be for a reader(s) of our blogs. There is a ripple effect -- seen/invisible, desired/unbidden -- in every act: physical, mental, and virtual.

That ripple effect is evidenced in an ironic connection to blogging and the way I found Valerie's art at an online image site in October. Karen Jasper (she of Blogland Lane fame and another blogging friend of mine) and Val are great friends. In fact, Valerie did the cover art for Karen's new book and she wrote that it was her favorite gift in 2009 (see KJ's blog sidebar for more info about her book ) .........

I will close this post with a marvelous music video featuring the art of Valerie muse and my pal. Thank you for your special gift to me, Val, and for touching so many people with your wondrous art. -- music -- artwork
©2008 David Tobocman

*Title quote by George Jean Nathan, drama critic (1881-1958)



francessa said...

What a beautiful picture, and what an amiable gesture! I'll have to take a look at Valerie's others pictures immediately.

And Willow looks like a customs official ;-)! So important!

Looking to the Stars said...

What a beautiful thing Val did for you! You are right about the ripple effect.

Enjoy dear heart, it always brings tears to my eyes to read of the beauty and kindness of others :)

ValGalArt said...

i am bursting with joy from your sweet words, you are a writer, my friend ;) thank you and i feel your light!

~ Tabitha ~ said...

What a beautiful inspiring post Lydia ♫

happy new year


Lydia said...

@francessa- Val sure did make an "amiable gesture," most definitely.
I'm sure you will have a delightful time at Valerie's site; there's so much to see there.
Willow is a kindly Customs official-don't you think? She did not stop something wonderful that came from you from being delivered to our porch! xoxo :)

@Looking to the Stars- It sure was a beautiful thing for Val to do!
Loved your message so much. And you called me "dear heart," which was my nickname for my favorite cat, Bleecker, so that even made him seem nearby!

@ValGalArt- Bursting with joy sums up what I tried to tell here! You started this year out in such a beautiful way for me, Val! xoox

@Tabitha- Val is certainly inspiring!
Happy New Year to you also! I really look forward to your posts to come in 2010. :)

francessa said...

Here's to the best Customs official ever! ;-)

Owen said...

That's fabulous Lydia... really fabulous what sorts of connections blogging can open up... all over the world ! May 2010 be a good year for you...

Lydia said...

@francessa- Hmm...they may be furrier and less stringent in Silverton than Vienna. :)

@Owen- I agree: fabulous. It would be mind-boggling if it weren't so heart-warming!
I have a good feeling about this year. May it be a fine one for you.

distracted by shiny objects said...

Sweet and lovely. Just the thing for an early, snowy morning in CinCity. Do you mind terribly if I share all of this over at my place??

Lydia said...

@Distracted- Careful in that snow, girl! Of course, you may share this at your place. Spread the love, I always say!
Did I say Happy New Year yet? now said.

Ben said...

Wow, what interesting artwork from Valerie Walsh. I love art from that genre. One of my favorites is a man named Vladamir Kush. He's a similar style.

Lydia said...

@Ben- Now you have made me curious! I will Google Vladamir Kush to see his work. Glad you enjoyed Valerie's art, too!



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