Monday, March 1, 2010

i lOve this group

One eskimO. I recently discovered this group (a little late to the party but that's least I found them!). They are fantastic. You can view their other videos at the One eskimO channel at YouTube. There are also some charming animated videos featuring their music at their channel.

This song was originally a Patsy Cline recording. The following information was added by the youtuber who uploaded the Patsy Cline original song, titled "He Called Me Baby":
This was one of the last songs Patsy Cline recorded; she died in a plane crash less than a month later. It was later covered by Candi Staton, her version was sampled by modern rockers One Eskimo for their song "Kandi."



the watercats said...

If I had ten hands, they'd all be sticking thumbs up!... this is the kind of drummer I'm after really... just a simple snare drum, some quirky bits and bobs and a nice off beat rythmic ability.... :-)
Thanks for opening up some more beautiful things this morning!

Amy said...

Oh, you're so right, Lydia - they are great. The video was fantastic not to mention the music. I also watched 'Givin Up' - the animation was so effective for the song.

And I love the Patsy Cline video as well. The two versions of the song are so complimentary.

Thanks for the morning entertainment!

Looking to the Stars said...

Hi, I've been trying to leave you a comment for the last ten minutes. I think I'm having a computer moment because my sound card is acting up also. OK, enough.

I LOVE Patsy Cline and I am going to have to get on my husbands computer to check on this new group you have found. Sounds neat, am looking forward to hearing what they sound like. Thanks for sharing :)

Lydia said...

the watercats~ i lOved your comment! Thrilled you like this band too. :)
i also wish for the cats a drummer like that.

Amy~ You and the watercats who commented above now join me in appreciation for One eskimO. To be honest I had paid only cursory attention to the Patsy Cline video in a quick listen while getting the post ready. But after listening again I think you're right; her version is also excellent!

Looking to the Stars~ Bummer to have anything wrong with your computer. I hope it does better tomorrow and that you were able to access the vids at your husband's computer. :)

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Ah, just a killer post. A 1-2 punch, and in my more extensive than i like to admit experience it doesn't get any better than this. OK, NOW I'm ready for Friday night ...

Lydia said...

Who Am Us Anyway?~ Wow. Thanks much for the comments. You go have yourself a most excellent Friday night now!



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