Monday, May 3, 2010

sdrawkcab gniog

Over the weekend I lost a Follower at my blog. I have gone backwards.

I have no way of knowing who #145 was and I have no hard or hurt feelings that he or she decided to no longer be a Writerquaker. But, geez, I was somewhat anticipatory for awhile thinking I was edging toward 150 Followers here...which would make me happy and would make all Writerquakers feel more confident, more secure, more bonded. The more the merrier really does apply, it seems, when it comes to blog Followers. (Notice how I capitalize the F in Follower as a form of respect and appreciation.)

There may be a reader out there who would stop this backward thing and become my new #145. And maybe some more would join to become #146, #147, #148, #149 and Big #150. It isn't in my nature to bribe you with promises of special recognition and/or gifts the way some bloggers do to build their Follower lists. There's nothing wrong with that but I didn't do it for the Writerquakers who joined before you and it doesn't seem fair to do so now. But, rest assured, your profile shot(s) will be noticed there in the square(s) and I would hope that other readers will click on the photo(s) to check out your blog(s).

So, with an eye on the future at my blog here are some backward ideas, beginning with a choice photo of President Obama taking a backward glance (it's ok to look, Barack, but please don't turn out to be a jerk...)

Backward glance (G8 Summit, 2009) ... Barack Obama, centre, with Mayora Tavares, left, and Nicolas Sarkozy, right. Source: The Daily Telegraph

- - - - -

ecnad sdrawkcab a ,woN.....

- - - - -

"'I think I'll be a clown when I get grown,' said Dill. 'Yes, sir, a clown.... There ain't one thing in this world I can do about folks except laugh, so I'm gonna join the circus and laugh my head off.' 'You got it backwards, Dill,' said Jem. 'Clowns are sad, it's folks that laugh at them.' 'Well, I'm gonna be a new kind of clown. I'm gonna stand in the middle of the ring and laugh at the folks.'"
- Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

- - - - -

Clown Bicycle - as defined by Wikipedia (emphasis added)
       A clown bicycle or clown bike is a bicycle designed for comedic visual effect or stunt riding, typically by Circus clowns. It is sometimes called a circus bike. . . Some clown bikes are also built that are directly geared, with no freewheeling, so that they may be pedaled either forward or backwards. Some are built very small but are otherwise relatively normal.

- - - - -
If you want to go backwards in time while staying on topic I refer you to Bicycle Clown, a nine-minute bicycle safety video made in 1958. [Note: it has nothing to do with circus clowns riding bikes.]

- - - - -
Differing opinions on the possibility of traveling backwards in time may be found ereh and ereh.

- - - - -

One site for simple backwards text, the one used for this post, is ereh. I first saw backwards/upside down text (one link) at the great blog known as The Half-Life of Linoleum.



Kim said...

It always hurts me when I fail to get comments on a post or lose a follower or something of that nature. It's just like breaking up with someone only you don't know that you're doing it until it's over.

La Belette Rouge said...

I wish I could be your 145th. But I already follow you and the Google thing won't let me follow you twice.
I do often find when I lose a follower then I end up getting two to replace them.
And, mythologically and psychologically, the hero often has to go backwards in order to go forwards.

the watercats said...

ooh.. how I enjoyed this post!.. I often lose the odd follower, my numbers gradually get to where it is now and then.. zip.. a couple disapear (I don't have many, so it makes me feel somewhat wounded).. I'm toughening up to the fact that not everyone appreciates what I have to say.. which isn't! I rememebr that I started my blog as a personal diary, and anyone who chooses to voyeur in along the way is fine by me :-D yay! (a word the same either yaw)

YogaforCynics said...

For what it's worth, it wasn't me...

That follower glacier moving backwards a foot has happened to me lots of times...and usually I think it's one of the spammer followers that have no avatars and names like bl4524543543r...

Doreen McGettigan said...

I all ready follow you or I would again; I feel your pain though..I have been stuck on 49 followers for a week sad!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

I'm already a follower or I'd follow you. Think of it as a pause getting ready for that big bounce. I'm sure you will get to 150 soon. In fact, I'm posting your blog on FB and tweeting right now!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Lydia said...

Kim~ Obviously, the feeling is fairly universal among bloggers. :)

La Belette Rouge~ Psychologist by trade, you are also much the philosopher putting things into perspective!

the watercats~ O, you are so wrong when you say you don't have much to say. You do. And I have yet to be disappointed by any of your posts. You have one of the liveliest minds I know, your band is marvelous.....if you also act then you are a "triple threat"!

YogaforCynics~ "follower glacier" . . . there, now the phenomenon has the perfect description. I hope it goes viral.

Doreen~ Now you have 50! :)
Gads, I get stuck on the same number sometimes for months (see description above by YogaforCynics...)

Julie~ OMG (I rarely use that but it's right, right now)...that is SO nice of you! What a surprising reaction for you to have to my backwards post. It makes me feel great, even if it doesn't generate a new reader, to have you do that for me. Thank you so much.

Lydia said...

********KAREN CASEY SMITH, with the beautiful white flower avatar, thank you for becoming my new #145!*******

Maggie May said...

I'm a Follower of the lovely Lydia :)

Rhiannon said...

Well, I've stayed at 17 followers, for while..used to be just 15...and I really don't mind. I don't think I could handle to many comments...anyway..just my few friends. I'm rather an introvert anyway and I've never been offended too much when a few leave and fade away. It's not a competitive think here in blogland, do you think? However it's very special to me to have my few "loyal" followers that are like true true friend to me even if we never get the chance to meet.

By the way Lydia, wanted to let you known that my sister is coming to my town to live about two weeks...she'll be coming by train from California. She's on the county housing list here and is taking a lot of initiative on her own..and finding her way. There will be a lot of resources here for her (which I've made available for her) and I am really hoping that she will finally be able to find her way to a better quality of life down the road. Her and I both know it's hard when her and I have been women on our own for a long time now struggling to survive. Now times may be happier and might even have a real relationship one one one,with someone from my blood relative family. Also got the notice that I will be moving up to the top floor next month..lots of work and stuff going on this month for sure..overwhelming! Wish me luck.

I will always drop by and make comments to my loyal and kind friend Lydia here at Writerquake..whenever I can.

That was funny of Obama taking that look back...guys are like that, even the good ones..sometimes they just can't help themselves..he's human..aaah..what a least he, like other attached men, did not act on it..



Lydia said...

Maggie May~ I am so glad! (The latest poem at your blog has remained on my mind ever since I read it. It is fantastic.)

Rhi~ No, I don't see this Follower thing as being a competitive issue at all. It's all in good fun I do believe.
What good news about your sis moving near you. Since you have been through that whole system and know the ropes you will undoubtedly be a great resource and comfort for her. You had to do it all alone...she does not. It would be so strange if my sister and I wound up living near one another. Unlikely. Distance definitely makes maintaining the relationship a challenge. I envy you having an opportunity for a new sisterly bond.
Take care during your move.

Indigo said...

This was such a fun post. As for the Follower who left, it's their loss. Although I can understand how it made you feel.

For awhile there I lost a few, due to not blogging as much as I used to. The way I look at is this, if my Followers are still there, they're truly following for all the right reasons.

And of this comment I see you've bypassed the 145. You're on your way Lydia. (Hugs)Indigo

Lydia said...

Indigo~ Thank you, as always, for wise words and support. Yup, lookee there, #146! Yea!

Jennifer said...

Hmm. I'll have to see if I am following you. If not, I will!

At this point, I have lost attachment to such things (as much as I can, anyway). My comments are way down, my blog visiting is way down, too, and I actually feel better about it, because it's helped me focus on my "real" writing (whatever that means), the longer-term, more literary stuff. I'm also reading a lot more, which is both enjoyable and necessary.

But I understand the feeling.

Jennifer, writing as G watches Speedy Gonzales!

preacherlady said...

Count me in! How dare they leave you!

Rhiannon said...

Lydia, I just wanted to thank you for acknowledging that I had to "do it all alone"...I can feel your respect and that means a lot to me. It really truly does.

I've got quite a few women friends here at the apartment complex who have been so supportive and "there" for me...especially now..and it has meant so much to me because I have never known what it's really like to have supportive friends that are there for you...they say that I have been so there for them and I have...but I never expected anything back from them..that's not why I do it...

But just goes to show some things in our life are familiar to the saying "what goes around comes around"..sometimes it just takes a long time for it to happen.

My sister has even offered to help me move I don't have anyone "strong' to help me with the heavy furniture..I do hate moving because done it so much on my own for over 12 years now..but my dear friends here remind me that "this times it's going to be different, your not alone". My "former boyfriend" he he..had promised to help me whether we were together or not when I got the okay to move upstairs..but turns out he he can punish me and pay me back for not letting him control me..I think his ego is feeling pretty good about now. It's the real tough times when you find out what people are really made of.

Anyway blah blah blah..just wanted to thank you again for being such an understanding and supportive "woman" blogger friend.

Sorry about my spelling I know I always miss up..:o(

Love ya,


Lydia said...

Jennifer~ Losing attachment is a good thing! I've been practicing it a lot the last years (attachment to things). I remember when you considered stopping blogging altogether, and I've been so happy you decided to stay. But that was the beginning of your detaching from the whir, so you have been moving to this still point for awhile. I do hope you continue to share at your blog some tidbits from your "real" writing, though. I admire what you are doing in being so focused. I'm not there at all, so happily blog along.
Speedy Gonzales...hadn't thought of that cartoon for ages. Just in time for Cinco de Mayo!

preacherlady~ I am happy to have you along for the ride! Perhaps you are Following under a different name, because I don't see you there in the list....

Rhi~ I certainly do respect you, and consider you somewhat a pioneer in what you've gone through after 50 when we are told we should be all settled with our plans for security all in place. You are very brave, Rhi. I wish I was closer to help you move. Be really careful on those stairs and be sure to take a lot of breaks during the move.

Roxana said...

what a challenging idea, making a post about going backwards! it is more difficult to find the virtues of backwards going, but it could also mean retreating into ourselves, reaching deep inside, to heal, to gain new strength... or at least i think so sometimes, those it is not always easy.

Lydia said...

Roxana~ I like the concept you mention of retreating into heal, etc. Actually, I hadn't thought of it in that way when I did this post, but in the moments of my reply to you it seems especially comforting to consider in that way. Thank you.



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