Saturday, July 31, 2010

the book quiz II and 'A' poem

Back in December 2008 I posted my results on The Book Quiz (the original one that said I was Watership Down). There is now a Book Quiz II, ....something I enjoyed fiddling with on this cloudy, cooler Saturday morning. Here is what other book I am on the great shelf of life. With the exception of the fanciful final two sentences it is a fair fit (actually I really did love this book when it was required reading in high it still required reading in schools or was it banned during the Bush years, I wonder).

I wrote a poem back in 1976 that came to mind so I'm posting it at the end here without spending any time on editing.....or explanation.

The Book Quiz II

You're The Scarlet Letter!
by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Raised in a culture steeped in religious values, you raise some
serious questions about the nature of that culture. While you no longer see
yourself as a part of that society, you are a staunch defender of the rights
of those who wish to remain there to do so. At the same time, you illustrate
the hypocrisies of that society and some of the better intended people therein.
Ultimately, it's possible the best improvement you think anyone could make would
be the improvement of communication devices on ships. Your least favorite letter
is A.

Take the Book Quiz II
at the Blue Pyramid.

This Fraction

You are here in my heart
    and I feel a disquieting flutter.

We are spilling over the experience
    into a love bond physical
and impossible.
    You are in my life
all this richness will
    flee with the short time.

we'll live
    and do as we would have
    excepting this love warp
this fraction of fragrant daring

when nothing was total
yet seemed so complete.

© MLM "Lydia"



La Belette Rouge said...

That poem!!!!!!!!!!! Le sigh!!!! Love how you wear your love on your sleeve...shamelessly and with flourish. Beautiful.

Carlos Lorenzo said...

Lydia, the poem is fantastic. Love in just a fraction of time so ephemeral and yet so profound and intense. All the best Lydia. Thanks for the great comments.

Lydia said...

Belette~ Your comment!!!!!!! Interesting feedback on something written so long ago ... Thank you. :)

Carlos~ I am so pleased you liked it, and thank you for your great comments!

Rhiannon said...

I took the Book Quiz 2 Lydia...apparently I am "Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone"! At first I was quite surprised as I don't think I've seen one whole Harry Potter movie at all..other than just bits and pieces of one or two...clueless..never got into it...but I did post my results at my blog thanks to you..and also made it so others could take the quiz by clicking on the book quiz link...I'm not much good at this "cut and paste" stuff but for some bizarre reason it actually worked for my post! I'm stunned I did it!

Your poem is beautiful and though the poems words sounded like a short lived "love" for you, upon reading it, it made me think of my ex-husband of 15 years...which was about 11 or 14 years ago since our divorce..but your poetic words made me think of him immediately in the positive and "wonderful bliss" and happiness we had had for about 13 years of our not just thinking about how it ended so horrifically so much as more of the positive and happy times spent with him upon reading your poem...those days of my life...however I do feel the best is yet to come "for the better"...soon...either that or I'll die soon!..HA!...:o)

Love, Rhi

Lydia said...

Rhi~ Harry Potter, huh? I can see it because you have a lush imagination and manner of sharing your art. I'll come over to read the synopsis.

It's the most I have read about your marriage, about the good times certainly. I'm glad you had that many good years; your graceful spirit allows you to honor them--quite beautiful.
Now, no more talk about this dying stuff. :|

Rhiannon said...

Lydia, thank you for adding my blog to your blogroll. Normally I don't worry to much about trying to get people to come to my blog. It's just a place I go to connect with my few friends online and also to post my poems, write my thoughts and play good meaningful music videos and my art...However with my "love and peace" and "Stop the wars" effort, I'm dedicating to my blog for a means a lot to me. I hope anyone dropping by will contribute a comment and I do believe that we "the people" can make a difference...even if it starts out small I still want and am dedicated to making a contribution and effort to speak up and try to make a difference in this world.

Thank you again. Glad you like my new "look" on my blog...played around with those new templates..didn't know what I was doing but it was fun working on it...and I like all those flowers on the my new template...seems more "hippie save the world" like now..ha ha...:o)...who knows what will become of my blog..maybe a small miracle, just to get people to think and or realize each individual can make a difference..and we must not live in fear as an excuse to not make a difference..that is scary and it's time to "change" that pronto..

Stay cool my friend,

Love Always,


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Great poem indeed. Hugs.

Lydia said...

Rhi~ I think your message will be meaningful to more people than your few online friends. It's from the heart and will be appreciated. xo

Phivos~ You are very kind and so are your hugs.

Erratic Thoughts said...

Lydia,that poem is a hit!
Really Loved the feelings portrayed in it.

Lydia said...

Erratic Thoughts~ I absolutely appreciate you coming by and leaving your enthusiastic comments. :)

Kim said...

That was fun! I'm "The Importance of Being Earnest," which, oddly enough, I've never read. I guess one more thing gets tacked onto the reading list!

Darlene said...

I took the book quiz and am Charles Dickens "A Tale of Two Cities'. That's okay, but it went on to say that I am extremely mistrustful of the French. Merciful heavens; where did that come from. It's not true.

Your poem of a love is beautiful.

Freda said...

Your poem is beautiful and perceptive. Thanks.... it helps to make sense of life, living and loving.

Lydia said...

Kim~ The Importance of Being Earnest is definitely now on my reading list too!

Darlene~ Thank you so much.
I read that book so long ago and loved it. You are a very fine book indeed. Those final lines they add must all be silly in point, one of the last lines in mine about communication devices in ships. Silly!

Freda~ Thank you so much and also for your open mind and heart. :)



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