Saturday, July 24, 2010

cool cats chillin' on a sizzling weekend


When it is 95 degrees outside and you are an inside cat what's fun is to sleep in a sunbeam on the floor upstairs for awhile and then, when you get good and toasty, to head downstairs where the air conditioning is working superbly.

Here they are: Willow on top showing off her wispy tiny beard, Shiva Lullaby being...well..Shiva, and Feather -- seemingly lit from within -- who has experienced so many summers that she cuddles into my grandmother's wool afghan whenever I'm in the or night, summer or winter.


Meanwhile, here is a mini-video that shows some adults who should be fined for not stopping this future sociopath from tossing a cat in the pool and risking the safety of both child and cat. I hope kitty kept on running until well out of the neighborhood where it found a safe, cool, loving home. There's not much hope for that kid unless a good foster family is in the future.

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bfk said...

Who knows, maybe the little troublemaker drowned and we'll save on penitentiary fees in future.

Indigo said...

This has been the first summer I've actually debated getting AC. Meanwhile my 4 spread out in front of whichever fan is blowing at the moment.

I agree, future psychopath. How could anyone find his behavior even remotely funny. (Hugs)Indigo

Lydia said...

bfk~ Yeah, not a huge asset either from or to the gene pool in that one.

Indigo~ There is nothing funny about that alarming scene.

After my mother died I took her AC and now each summer it is as if she is helping to make me comfortable. We keep it set on "energy saver" and really haven't noticed that much of an increase in our electrical bill during the summer months. The dogs are actually more drawn to it than the cats.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful kitties. I feel like we're missing out on the nationwide heat wave. It's been a cold and grey summer on the Bay and our three cuddle in for warmth.

When my mother was a small child, she swung one of the family cats around by the tail (she also cut off the whiskers of another). Not sure if there were any family members present, but she turned out to be a sensitive cat lover. Little kids don't really "get" the pain of others and are still figuring out the world. I don't think this kid knew what he was doing, though I do wonder why no adults intervened.

Lydia said...

Jennifer~ Well, it has to be cooler somewhere and I'm glad you are where it is to give testimony!

I do realize that there are plenty of stories of children who were like your mother, who didn't "get" the pain inflicted and who grew up to be animal lovers. There is also research that links abuse of animals by children to those children growing to be monsters. With the obvious adult support of aberrant behavior shown in this clip (they were pleased enough to put it out on tiny.pic) the kid's future scares me.

pohanginapete said...

The sociopath isn't the kid (yet), it's the person doing the filming.

That cat in the first two photos reminds me very much of a Norwegian forest cat who owned friends of mine (the phrasing's correct).

Lydia said...

pohanginapete~ Yes, let's affix the label where it (currently) belongs...

Two separate cats there, "the gray girls." The one on top is on my lap right now, sliding on my lap, actually, because I'm wearing shorts and she doesn't "stick." Willow and Shiva both were kittens from the 'hood separated by one year prior to owning me (!) - so it is likely that they are related. Norwegian forest cats are so beautiful in the photos I've seen, so the gray girls thank you for the compliment.



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