Thursday, July 15, 2010

Squirrel on a hot composition shingle roof

I've been quiet here lately, spoke not a word, just sat and stared into space. I had something heavy weighing on my mind. . .
-BIG DADDY in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

If you visited my blog in April you may have seen the video of the squirrel family that set up residence in the Mountain Ash tree in our side yard. They outgrew that tree a few weeks later and we wondered if they would stay close by. At least three of them did, moving on to one of the giant Sequoias in our back lot. Sequoias are not natural habitat for squirrels but so many Oregon White Oak trees have been cut down around our neighborhood that the little guys who have survived must find different types of lodging, sans acorns. In the case of our squirrels there is a separate feeder stocked just with squirrel food and peanuts, and a water bowl nearby, so they don't have to go far for that which sustains life. They are spoiled I think but in return they provide entertainment. The squirrel in the above shot (sorry, the camera focused on the bamboo stalk in front) sunned himself on the garage roof for the better part of an hour one recent afternoon. It was a cute scene, but nowhere nearly as hilarious as a scene that I failed to capture because I didn't have my camera. I was out in the back lot with the dogs and heard, then saw, a couple of squirrels running up and around their Sequoia. They were mildly alarmed by my presence so moved further up the tree. At 25-30 feet up the trunk one squirrel walked out on a small dead branch and the other swiped at him with front paws from just beneath the branch. The top squirrel thought it was a fun game and decided to increase the excitement. She positioned herself so that she was hanging by the hind leg joints that would be our knee joints -- swinging in a full stretch the way children do upside down on monkey-bars in a park. What a little imp! I smiled the rest of the day.....still do whenever I think about it.



Owen said...

Looks like they've got the good life there... must be nice !

francessa said...

This looks and sounds like a lot of fun!
Got a chance finally to watch April's video - nice!

Lydia said...

Owen~ I'm taking care of them for good karma points. Just kidding.

francessa~ Well it is a lot of fun! It sounds like you are relaxing a bit; you deserve it. :)

Nancy said...

How cute! It's so nice that you enjoy the wildlife in your yard.

I have not missed being at our place at the Lake, as the neighbor who shoots the squirrels is back for the summer. I can only hope our big blow-out last summer will hold over for this year. The funny thing is he is the only one where they actually come onto his deck. It's like is anti-squirrel energy actually attracts them!

Darlene said...

That is really one relaxed Squirrel on your roof. He is getting his vitamin D in large doses.

English Rider said...

That is a great photo of a very expressive squirrel pose.

Manuela said...

and you made me also smile at the delightful scene :)
thank you

Lydia said...

Nancy~ I would hate to have a neighbor like the one at Tahoe....wait...I do. It is rumored that a guy who lives a couple of blocks up from our house shoots cats if they cross his property. I have no proof so hope the rumor is false. Were the cops ever called about the squirrel killer (and would they do anything...)?

Darlene~ Relaxed, most definitely. I'm not that loose after my monthly massage!

English Rider~ Thank you, and you certainly have featured some great kitten photos of late. :)

Manuela~ So we are smiling together afar!



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