Friday, July 23, 2010

Tropical Storm Bonnie lies over the ocean . . .

Sea Fugue by michael alonzo kominsky

Behind, perhaps, let the sea blow ~ by Carlos Barbarito

Behind, perhaps, let the sea blow.
Let some word blow
outside every destination of slime, rust.
Perhaps ointments from Avicenna,
forests of embraces,
crops, swarms, humid implications.
Or, perhaps, the same.
It sits up. It gets dressed. It goes.
The grass stands up again.
At his step everything seems to find
inside itself a certain form of calm.
It can't be a great distance
- he thought.

translation: Brian Cole



naomi dagen bloom said...

Noticing your widget "Oil in the Gulf Headlines," I thank you for a useful idea. We have to keep it in our consciousness. And support ways to help people there.

Erin Davis said...

Lydia, the title of your blog post put me in a good mood before I even started to read it. I love the poem...found myself rereading several times and noticing something different each time.

Lydia said...

naomi~ Glad you saw and commented on it. It is kept current and has been the source of some good information for me.
Hope you can stay cool this weekend...supposed to be a cooker.

Erin~ So fun that the title put you in a good mood. I wonder if you've had the tune to "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" stuck in your brain like I have. :)
I agree with you about the poem; there is lots there to mine.



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