Thursday, September 30, 2010

Actor, Painter....alas, not my escort at the Third Annual Willow Manor Ball

I was up late last night reading about the Third Annual Willow Manor Ball. I have not cyber-attended in the past and wanted to this year, and I thought I might select as my escort actor Tony Curtis. But I had today to write the post that would include some photos of Tony Curtis dressed in formal attire, and to select my own gown and accessories, so I got some sleep.

When I turned on the computer this morning the news on my i-Google page announced the death of Tony Curtis. I think it would be gauche to resurrect him so soon as my date for the Willow Ball, and I cannot now think of anyone else to replace his image as my escort for the evening -- thus, my attendance at the Willow Ball this year will be in thought only (which is, of course, what it will be for everyone there but they will be there in full regalia and spirit!).

Here he is at an earlier ball before he had a chance to realize what a fun date I make (well, okay, she looks like she was a lot of fun, too).

Tony Curtis (born Bernard Schwartz) 



Rob-bear said...

Condolences on the loss of Mr. Curtis. Heart attack they say. Such dreadful timing.

Roxana said...

what a wonderful and tender homage!

why there can't be any more delightful films like Some like it hot?

The Silver Fox said...

I learned about this just last night. Very sad. Tony Curtis seemed to be one of those actors who enjoyed what he did, and never "phoned it in"... at least, not in anything I ever saw him in! I'll miss him.

And I think you made the right choice in not having him escort you to Willow's Manor Ball. Too soon, definitely.

willow said...

I can't wait to chat with your date! I didn't realize he was an artist until recently after watching a clip on TCM. That second photo is stunning!

madamebutterfly said...

Lydia - you were right not to take him but he would have been such fun!

Helen said...

I thought Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh were the absolute 'it' couple in the 50's! I am so glad you chose him this evening. It's fitting ....

English Rider said...

Tony Curtis was very supportive of a horse rescue organization called Shiloh Ranch. He impressed me for that as much as his other achievements. A kind and talented man.

Fireblossom said...

Oh my gosh, I hadn't heard! That's sad news. I have always liked him.

Yoli said...

I learned about it last night and it is just so sad. What a life he lead. He would have made a wonderful date to the ball indeed.

La Belette Rouge said...

That first painting brings back memories. He-weasel and I spent the first part of our honeymoon at the Hotel Del Coronado where Some Like it Hot was filmed.

Lydia said...

Rob-bear~ It is a loss. He had a long life, many will say - but he could have had more, I say (that timing thing you mentioned).

Roxana~ Aw, thanks much. You are right about the movie and I want to view it again!

The Silver Fox~ I will miss him too. Thank you for your comment and for validating my decision to not have him as my escort. There will be other Willow Balls...

willow~ My dear, you are so busy with the Ball many posts and comments to read, and all those guests arriving. Perhaps Mr. Curtis can be my escort in the future.

madamebutterfly~ Thank you for also validating my decision not to take him, or have him take me, to the Ball. Darn, won't he be missed?!

Helen~ They were fabulous, I agree. I'm glad you liked my choice of escort; he would have been a grand one and I hope maybe in the future he can come to a Willow Ball. :)

English Rider~ Really? The Shiloh Ranch? I have received mail from that organization and have not donated because I didn't know about them. Next time I will pay attention!

Fireblossom~ Yes, sad. He was so versatile.

Yoli~ He would have been a grand date. I hope that everyone in attendance has lifted their glasses high - "To Tony!" - there at the Ball.

Belette~ Wow, what a unique connection to Tony Curtis you two have. Wouldn't you love to have the original painting? (Maybe He-weasel will obtain it for you on a big future anniversary.)

Kittie Howard said...

Tony Curtis seemed forever, one of those nice guys who was always there. Your tender post was a lovely tribute.

The Silver Fox said...

As an interesting aside, a clerk at a local convenience store (who's not quite fifty) told me a few weeks ago that his last name is Geller. He's very distantly related to Bruce Geller (who created Mission: Impossible and Mannix) and Uri Geller. He said the most notable thing his own dad ever did was steal a girlfriend (who became the clerk's mom) from "Bernie Schwartz." He looked at me like he was expecting me to say, "Who's Bernie Schwartz?" Instead, I smiled knowingly and said, "I'll bet that sort of thing didn't happen often!"

Carrie Burtt said...

This ends up being a nice tribute for Tony...I had no idea that he painted so beautifully!

Rob-bear said...

P.S., Lydia: I love your autumn picture!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I've never seen a marilyn monroe film all the way through (she annoys me too much) so have only two memories of Tony Curtis as an actor that i can think of.

One of which is the episode of Columbo where he's gloriously hammy (over the top) as the murderer and the other in a scene-stealing role as a young man in Spartacus

In both roles he was great fun to watch

He's probably one of the last vestiges of stars who were actually famous for doing something and the world is emptier without his type

Looking to the Stars said...

this is great, I love your post. I think you would've been a fun date for him also :)

I was surprised to find that Tony was a writer & artist. My husband and I are going to watch "The Vikings" this week-end in tribute to Tony. It's our favorite movie of him & where we feel he did a wonderful job of acting :)

Darlene said...

It's always a wake-up call when someone your age dies, but this is a sad one for me. I adored Tony Curtis and he made my heart go pitty-pat. I am sorry that he is gone.

Lydia said...

Kittie Howard~ I'm glad you liked the tribute. Yes, he did seem like one of the good guys.

The Silver Fox~ Wow, what an interesting little side-story that was! Thank you for returning to tell it. :)

Carrie Burtt~ I remember being surprised when I first saw his paintings, maybe five years or so ago. What a blessing to be gifted in two art forms!

Rob-bear~ Thank you for returning to tell me that. I cannot, however, take credit for it. After reading your comment I paged through 50 pages of Google images (twice) trying to find it again so I could link to it. I'm mad at myself because I usually do provide links. I cannot find it, but if I do I will be sure to add the link. :(

Pixies~ I share your opinion of Marilyn Monroe.
Haven't seen Spartacus for ages and it would be fun to see it again. Your last paragraph was great. :)

Looking to the Stars~ The Vikings? That is one I am not familiar with. Thank you for the good lead on your favorite film of his. I will be sure to look for it.

Darlene~ You adored Tony Curtis and he made your heart go pitty-pat! That is such a great comment it should be used at his funeral. Perfect.



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