Friday, September 10, 2010

Mag 31--Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa

Call me what you will.
Folds of dusky reflection, headless
Freak in muslin, dusty cleric ghost.
Eyeless. Yet I watch, always,
Timeless. With no need for clocks
Or ears. I do hear you.

Beneath these heavy robes
longing arms twitch. Anxious hands,
flex, unused for too long.
Come. Wash these windows.

MLydiaM ~ September 2010

Read what others saw in this image at Magpie Tales.

(Yes, I intended a word above to be muslin, as in woven cloth, and not Muslim. Peace, World.)



Fireblossom said...

oOo, a spooky spectral nag, lol. I adore the images of the headless freak in muslin and the dusty cleric ghost. *shiver*

jabblog said...

I read this as a story of imprisonment. If that was not your intention, I'm sorry. It is beautifully written.

Lydia said...

Fireblossom~ Boo! -and thank you. :)

jabblog~ Thanks much. Interesting you would see it that way because it was my original intent. It went off in a bit of another direction at the end but I'm really happy that you read it as imprisonment.

Gabriela Abalo said...

a very creative Magpie.

I love it! :)

Words A Day said...

I loved the lines headless freaks in muslin and fold of dusky reflection
and found the last line very funny, very smart.

Doc FTSE said...

Beuatiful! (But I'm trying to decide if you had your tongue in your cheek . . . ) Title is fruitfully ambiguous, well . . that's what Eng.Lit professors would say!

willow said...

Wow, I love this! Especially "With no need for clocks or ears". Willow Manor is haunted by the spirit of a lady. I only wish she'd do the windows!

Anonymous said...

Nice Magpie. Bisous, Love and Light, Sender

Tumblewords: said...

Excellent title for this piece of 'confinement'. Nicely done, all around...

Brian Miller said...

i was reading it one way until the close of come wash these windows...i was thinking confinement as well....nice mag!

Stafford Ray said...

"Come. Wash these windows." That just cracked me up! Seems you understand the structure of comedy. Always handy for a writer. ha ha!

Carrie Burtt said...

Your imagery is wonderful...i love this Magpie! :-)

Lydia said...

Gabriela~ Thanks; I love your comment!

Words A Day~ Am so intrigued by your name, as I've subscribed to AWordADay for years. Thanks for your words here!

Doc FTSE~ Thank you!
"Fruitfully ambigious" . . . now there is a description that catches the eye (even more so than my poem!).

willow~ Hmm. A haunting that is a protector of the most creative manor in the land.
How do you follow through with comments for us all? Impressive, and much appreciated!

senderupwords~ I love learning a new word: bisous! xx

Tumblewords~ Your comments are meaningful, all around. :)

Brian Miller~ Ya know, it really does seem that my original sense of confinement never quite broke out of the poem!

Stafford~ Cracked me up, too. Unfortunately, there is subliminal angst in the words. I really do need to wash the windows in our house!

Lydia said...

Carrie Burtt~ Oh, your comment was waiting while I answered all the others! I really appreciate your comments (and thank you for following my blog).

**ALL**~ Am anxious to read your magpies and will be commenting throughout the weekend.

Teresa said...

Excellent! Very powerful with the "dusty cleric ghost" and the comment about hearing. Nicely done.

Lydia said...

Teresa~ Why thank you so much!

Sarah said...

Getting ready for halloween already...what the fall air does to the mind. I like this one.

kathew said...

Fabulous imagery and humor.."come wash these windows" Hah!
Great Magpie!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

there really is very little i can say other than utterly spellbinding

Erin Davis said...

Genuinely spooky AND genuinely funny all at once, Lydia! I'm going to have to check out Magpie Tales...

Lydia said...

Sarah~ Thank you for your nice comment and early Halloween wishes. *v*

kathew~ Thank you. I appreciate your great sense of humor. :)

Pixies~ It's a short spell, though, so I hope you are having a normal and happy weekend!

Erin~ Thank you. I am excited that you are back from your retreat, and I think Magpie Tales is right up your alley.

Lena said...

Great Mag! heh heh ....I love the window-washing, too!

Mind you, heaven knows what vision oxidation stains might turn into if I don't get my own upstairs ones done soon!

Abhilasha-The Desire said...

I was reading the whole thing in one direction until i hit the last line, that got me reading again... You've put this piece so baeutifully, open to many interpreataions with a ending with a touch of humour. Great magpie.. Loved the line "Anxious hands, flex, unused for too long" .. smiles

Lydia said...

Lena~ Thank you for coming over and leaving your fun comment. "Vision oxidation stains . . . " Now that is quite a description!

Abhilasha~ I really appreciate what you said to me in your comments! :)



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