Sunday, September 19, 2010

An Old Poem for a New Union on the Poetry Bus

Blue wedding ring in flower by Micah Hewett


This cluster of stars
from night's ancient skies,
      visited your heart for direction --
             gathering colors from reflections
             of passion tears in your eyes;

then, to exist beyond ether
where it was formed,
      discovered your lips --
             kissed by the soul of a feather, slipped
             from sweet air where dreams are warmed

                   and eased love's glow gently to land,

finding eternity here on my hand.

           MLydiaM ~ 09-01-1995


This wedding poem I wrote for Michael 15 years ago is my representation for this week's theme on TFE's Poetry Bus (theme: write a poem for a non-denomination wedding). Argent is driving the bus this week for Don't Feed the Pixies, who we thought last week we had lost forever....... but he is back and his poem on Argent's page is gorgeous!



susan said...

I'm much more of a prose fan in general but this is a very beautiful piece. You write very well.

Fireblossom said...

I am glad that your friend is back!

Lydia said...

susan~ Thanks write very well!
Interesting you would mention prose because I hope that the next prompt pulls that out of me.

Fireblossom~ Yippee, so am I! You must pay him a visit. Well, it is not an order, but I think you would like his blog a lot.

Rhiannon said...


An incredibly beautiful written poem with an incredible picture to connect to the poem! I'm smiling. What a wonderful wedding vow you wrote..and poem all in one. You write beautifully.

Makes me think of a poem I wrote a few years back "Passion flower" or is it "Purple Passion flower"?..hmm..will have to go and check my archive to find the title.

Glad to hear your dear friend is back in the blog world and okay. Good to hear.



Don't Feed The Pixies said...

knew i could rely on you to produce something beautiful

Will be contacting you seperately xx

Myrna R. said...

You write beautifully. I read your magpie tale and this poem is so lovely. You have much talent.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be following yours. Looking forward to reading more.

Stafford Ray said...

I guess every poem has a phrase or line that resonates. This is mine: "where dreams are warmed".

Peter Goulding said...

On a poetry bus positively brimming with love, this stands out.

Jingle Poetry said...

good for you.

Lydia said...

Rhi~ Hope your day was a good one because your comments started mine out just great. :) Let me know if you find your poem...steer me in the direction to read it.

Pixies~ Aw, thank you! I need to spend a bit of time tonight reading more of them. (Got your email; loved it; will reply.)

Myrna~ Thank you so much. I'm thrilled to have you here and will enjoy future visits to your blog too. :)

Stafford Ray~ It is always interesting to find out what lines are meaningful to others. Thank you.

Peter Goulding~ Wow, that is so kind of you to say that!

Jingle Poetry~ I appreciate your visit.

Argent said...

Some really lovely images here.

La Belette Rouge said...

What a lovely gift you gave him. It must be lovely to be married to someone who writes poetry about you. And for you, it must be nice to be so inspired by your love that such poetry pours out of you.
Happy to hear about Pixie's return!

Lydia said...

Argent~ Thanks much. I see you posted your poem late and must come by...

Belette~ It is the only poem I have written for him, however! Love poetry has never been my forte'.
I'm so glad Pixie is back, also; whew, that was a close call!

Julia Cates said...

very nice pick.
"Stars" is beautiful poem.
Thanks for share
wedding poems

Totalfeckineejit said...

Beautiful Lydia, a cracker!

Lydia said...

Julia Cates~ Thank you for your kind words. :)

Totalfeckineejit~ Thank you, Bus Boss. (Now I need to find out what "cracker" means :)



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