Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cosmo's Moon, revisited

In a perfect example of the disorganized organization in my life, I found this video clip in my post "drafts" folder tonight while deleting one-after-another draft ideas that may have appealed in a past moment but no longer struck me as anything so worth writing about that I should keep them in the growing list in that folder.

This one was saved in drafts under the title Cosmo's Moon. It is a beautiful clip from Moonstruck, which I wrote about in my recent Movie Lines I Love series. The post is HERE and this post will serve as a postscript (don't you love the use of the word "postscript" here?), one I hope that Holly of earth to holly will find (see Holly's comments and my reply following my post about the film). Not that this clip contains the does not, but it is the same full moon that another character in the film called "Cosmo's moon."

The full moon of last week is no longer, and what moon there is has been slipping in and out from behind clouds each evening when I take Abby and Bonbon outside before bed. Tonight, no moon. So as Abby and I walked in the dark across the front lawn, and some other movement on the side of the house set off the automatic spotlight, we stood frozen like two deer in headlights.......which is interesting specifically because the spotlight on the side of the house made two giant deer silhouette shadows against the fence! Their heads jerked and their ears perked (I could see all that in the defined shadow outlines) and I had a sudden fear that if they bolted in sudden fear they could come running around the corner of the house and run straight into Abby or me or both of us. So I whisper-ordered Abby to "come" and she was confused because she had not yet done her business over by the blue spruce, so she planted her feet sturdily into the grass and would not budge until I pulled hard on the leash. We got up the stairs and into the house without disturbing the deer, who continued to gorge themselves on cracked sunflower seeds in the feeder in the bush beneath our kitchen window. And, thus, a mystery was solved. Those cracked sunflower seeds have been disappearing daily from the feeder that usually only needs to be refilled twice a week. As Michael said, that is some awfully expensive deer chow!



earthtoholly said...

Holy cow, Lydia...where in the world did I get Lazlo? Geesh. I shoulda known, 'cause Google has everything. Anyway, good clip, and thank you for clearing that up. I would forever be wondering about that one...

That's funny...the deer eating your birdseed, and what a wonderful surprise to catch the "culprits" in action. Less endearing wildlife has stolen seed from us...a large rat, for one. Yes, he climbed right up the tree and out onto the branch that the feeder was hanging from. Ugh.

Thanks so much for the shout out, and now I'm wondering, who IS Lazlo, anyway???

Fireblossom said...

I'd complain to the union, Abby. The pee break is part of your contract, girl!

Lydia said...

earthtoholly~ Okay, I would draw the line on rats. ish.
Victor Laszlo - Casablanca - check it out!
Ironically, my next Old Postcard Wednesday has some amazing synchronicity....

Fireblossom~ Oh dear, I guess I should have mentioned that I waited until the deer were gone and then she and I returned to the great outdoors, thus, fulfilling that portion of her contract! :)

~ Tabitha ~ said...

Just stopping by to say Hi Lydia..xo

Looking to the Stars said...

I loved the deer coming up for a snack. We have them all over here, we were driving to the health food store when a young buck came down the street. He was walking on the sidewalk, I had to giggle.

Glad Abby got her pee break :)

sage said...

The deer in these parts seem to have come to some understanding with the dog as they co-exist while the deer eat the bushes around the house. I've seen them from the dining room window clean out a large birdfeeder in 10 minutes. (The feeders have sense been moved to the eves along the house where they can't get to them. See:

La Belette Rouge said...

As I don't have gardens or lawns I am one of those naive people who ooh and aah when I see dear. So what that they eat beautiful bushes, is what I say. But now that they scared you and Abby and stopped her from peeing their cuteness if wearing thin.;-) Great story telling!

Lydia said...

Tabitha~ How are you? I had just darn well better get over to your blog to see what is new!

Looking to the Stars~ Just a'walkin' down the sidewalk, eh? What a sight; what a dear deer. :)

Sage~ Lookee appears that you have a post written on this topic, and it sounds like you have the creds to write one, too. :)

La Belette Rouge~ Thanks! I love the deer and in my eyes they really can do no wrong...including eating my roses! Michael researched deer chow online only to read that he should check with the state regs before embarking upon a feeding program. He did; it is against the law in Oregon. That "bird"feeder, with its spendy cracked sunflower seeds (so much better than the shelled sunflower seeds don't you know) will just have to serve more than one purpose I guess.



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