Friday, May 13, 2011

for the Blogger team!

Demand Technology #21 (2-28-05) by Burnell Yow!
Demand Technology #21 (2-28-05) by Burnell Yow!

(on losing Blogger for 20.5 hours...)

Any intelligent fool can make
things bigger, more complex,
    and more violent. It takes a
    touch of genius --- and a lot
of courage --- to move in
       the opposite direction.

                             --E.F. SCHUMACHER



Fireblossom said...

Amen, sista. It seems like every "improvement" only makes things harder.

pohanginapete said...

Exactly. Well said.

kj said...

hahaha lydia, i thought i was going to see a picture of a middle finger!!


Lydia said...

Fireblossom~ After reading your comment I visited your blog and thoroughly enjoyed your post about our (forced) Blogger vacation. Hope you are feeling all better now. :)

pohanginapete~ Was a Blogger vacation not exactly what the doctor ordered? :)

kj~ I have one of myself in that pose (college daze) but that is not how I felt about our Blogger vacation. :)

Rhiannon said...

i love E.F's's very good...thanks for sharing it due to your frustrations...he he..I know how that can be.

Again, love the's so true too.



Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I lost every post i did on thursday, and my response to OPW and i don't like sites that automatically log me in to things, major security issue there

Simple is good

FYI - i liked Jerry Garcia, and mentioned Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison/San Quentin albums as being top notch

Never heard of Jerry Garcia before your post

the watercats said...

I've had a happy assault on my brain visiting here and catching up with your world again. There's just too much cool stuff.. I particularly enjoyed the stream of conciousness thing though.. I'm a sucker for that sort of writing. Have just finished Beautiful losers (Leonard Cohen) and the whole book seems like a thing written in semi consciousness.. which it probably was at the time.. ;-) your posted reminded me of it a lot.

Lydia said...

Rhi~ Hi! I have been thinking about you and realize I am long overdue a visit to your blog. So happy to have a comment from you. :)

Pixies~ I did read your earlier comment, as it landed in my email - and I was going to mention that Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues was strongly in my mind as well. You know that I am originally from Reno...well, at our high school graduation all-night party we had a band that sang Folsom Prison. You know that line in the song, "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die"....Of course we asked them to play it again. And again. And again. Poor guys.
Wow, now that you know Jerry Garcia you can catch up on the Grateful Dead. I saw them once (in Reno) but, honestly, the recording I posted is so much better!

the watercats~ Oh, I have some catching up on your blog too! You have made me happy this early morning with your comments about my stream of consciousness piece. It was a super-fun exercise for me. The fact that you liked it more than makes up for the fact that it didn't get many comments! I am highly flattered that you say it reminded you of Leonard Cohen's, I am going to have to get that book, most definitely. Thank you. :)

Jessi Haish said...

haha perfect :)

Lydia said...

Jessi~ Yea! A visit from you made my day. :)



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