Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Old Postcard Wednesday--Flughafen, Wien

I need assistance from my dear friend, Francessa, in Vienna to translate this handwritten German. She is extremely busy with her teaching right now, but in the event that she finds this post perhaps she will take pity on me and help me out. This old postcard was mailed to me in its used condition by my childhood pen pal Rosmarie Gugler who lived in Mauer-Ohling, Austria, in 1962. I wrote about Rosmarie in a former post and about how I have been hoping to find her (still hasn't happened).

Check out that prop plane coming in for a landing on the bottom left of the postcard! And on the top left, those unearthly-looking tall plants looming in front of the dining room...I wonder what kind of plant that is and if it is still popular landscaping at the Vienna Airport. Is that tall building the airport hotel, and is that why an arrow is drawn pointing to one room--perhaps as an indicator that it was where the sender of this old postcard stayed prior to or following a flight? There are plenty of hotels around the Vienna Airport area these days, per Vienna Airport Hotels Guide. I can tell how the airport has grown, judging from Bing images (this one of the whole layout is copyrighted but worth the click to see).
I loved this nighttime view:

Below is an information overview, via Airports Guides:
Vienna International Airport (VIE)
History, Facts and Overview
(Vienna, Austria)

The Aspern Airfield was created in 1912 and remained the region's main military airbase for many years. It was not until 1938 that Austria saw the arrival of Vienna Airport, built nearby and within the south-easterly city of Schwechat. It was the year of 1954 when Vienna Airport finally superseded Aspern Airfield in terms of importance and usage, and five years later, the existing runway was extended.

Construction of the terminal building at Vienna Airport commenced shortly afterwards and in 1972, an additional runway was added to meet demand. Further improvements have been made in subsequent years to accommodate charter flights, including the recent addition of the SKYLINK terminal, which is able to cope with large Airbus planes.

Vienna Airport boasts modern facilities, including a total of over 70 shops, including duty-free outlets. Various cafes and restaurants are also available, such as Bar Cafeteria ARS and Cafeteria Europa, should you require refreshments.

Business travellers will find conference and meeting facilities at the onsite Astron Hotel and Convention Centre, while the airport's recently opened VIP Business Centre offers similar services.
 More from the site linked above:
A busy two-terminal facility that provides an essential gateway into and out of the capital city of Austria, Vienna International Airport (VIE) is the country's largest and most significant airport. Located around 16 km / 10 miles to the south-east of the city centre, Vienna Airport is close to Ebergassing, Fischamend, Himberg, Mannswörth and Schwechat, often going by the alternative name of Schwechat Airport.

Vienna Airport serves flights to a vast number of international destinations, as well as to a variety of domestic cities, with the main airlines including Air Berlin, Austrian Airlines, Austrian Arrows, Lufthansa, Niki and SkyEurope. Currently in excess of 14 million passengers pass through the terminal each year, although this figure is set to rise sharply following the completion of the new SKYLINK terminal.

For full information, visit the Vienna International Airport website. You sure won't want to miss playing the Follow Me Song featured at the website; or click here! Somehow I just can't imagine Francessa humming this song to herself.....well, maybe she does while she is grading tests, thinking about her next flight out of Flughafen Wien!



Arnab Majumdar said...

I loved the quirky images they used in the postcard... in spite of all its glaring, obvious flaws :D

Yeah, I'm kinda weird that way... hehe

Arnab Majumdar

francessa said...

Wow, Lydia, are you applying for a leading post in the Austrian tourism industry? Any plans I don't know about? :-) They could count themselves lucky if they had you! I'm very impressed with all the facts you've collected and have learned a lot, as always here! Never heard that song before, too.

The text on the postcards says: "Wanted to thank you sincerely for your hospitality and send you regards and wishes. The arrow on the card points to Hans's office. All the best ..."

The photo you chose is beautiful. That's exactly what it looks like when I arrive on Sunday evenings from my frequent flights to Germany.

The only thing left for you now is a first-hand expedition just to verify all those facts! :-)

Lydia said...

Arnab Majumdar~ You are quirky that way, yes you are! I don't know if there are flaws, per se, but I sure can tell these images are from another era!

Francessa~ You are wonderful for taking a look at the postcard and for translating it. Thank you!
Knowing that the arrow pointed to someone's office makes this a very intriguing postcard for me. Wow.

You certainly do know how I dream of making that first-hand expedition someday. When that happens we must practice singing the Follow Me Song. :)

Thanks again, so much, for your visit and comments.

Arnab Majumdar said...

@Lydia... That's a wonderful thing to say to me! I love being quirky... life's so much less bland that way, don't you think? :) hehe...

Arnab Majumdar

Lydia said...

Arnab Majumdar~ hehe, I absolutely agree with you.
One more thing you are: a fantastic writer.

Arnab Majumdar said...

@Lydia... Thanks so much :) I hope you have fun reading through the old stories as well. Of course, there are a few that are quite pathetic, and very un-quirky :D

Arnab Majumdar

francessa said...

Glad to be of assistance, at least a little! I look very much forward to singing that song ;-)

Lydia said...

Arnab Majumdar~ Every one of us has written something that we think is pathetic (and others may agree with our opinion)! :) I'll do my best to read a few from the past, but will definitely stay current at your blog.

Francessa~ Big help, that's what you were! Yes, someday in the future we will practice the song and surprise and sing it to the friend or relative of your choice (probably you should select someone who owes you a favor!). :)

Olga said...

A very fascinating journey into history. Nothing fascinates me like the life of museums, airports, and hotels.

Owen said...

Looks like the one at lower left is about to crash, unless he pulls out of that dive fast ! Great find...

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

OK - so my German is very basic and my reading of handwriting is even worse, so i'm afraid that i can't help with the translation

I liked the old airport shots, it kinda reminded me of a Leslie Nielsen movie

The biggest airport I've been through was Heathrow, which has 5 terminals and could almost apply for City status it's that big

Oh - and you know me and musical references, so i can't leave you without mentioning that your post made me think of the classic Ultravox song "Vienna" ha ha

Lydia said...

Olga~ "...the life of museums, airports, and hotels" -- you are such an interesting person!

Owen~ I know! That's what I thought, too. Kinda makes me wonder about the criteria they used in selecting photos for this old postcard. :)

Pixies~ Hey, look ahead of your comment and see that Francessa helped us out with the translation!
Heathrow sounds just amazing. Even Leslie Nielsen could get lost in a set as large as Heathrow!
Of course, now I am off to hear the Ultravox song you mentioned. Thanks!

mythopolis said...

You have such a great collection of cards. And I love how you mine each one for the nuggets of history large and small. Is there a museum of postcards somewhere, I wonder?

Lydia said...

mythopolis~ What a great question? I just do not know if there is or not. Thanks so much for your kind comment about my cards and OPW. :)



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