Monday, April 23, 2012

Mag 114 -- The Dreamtank

ᗪᗝ ﬡᗢ☂ ᙓﬡ♈ᗴᖇ ♈ᖺᙓ ℱᗢᖇᙓᔕ♈ ᕍᙓᙓᕈ.
ᒪᙓ♈ ☂ᖺᗴ ᖲᗢᎩ ᔕᒪᙓᗴᕈ ☂ᖺᙓᖇᗴ, ᖇᗢᗢ☂ᗴᖱ
ᓰﬡ ♈ᖺᙓ ᗰᗢᔕᔕ૪ ᑕᖇᙓᗴᕈ ᗢℱ ᔕᗝᓰᒪ
ᔕ♈ᖇᙓ☂ᑕᖺᓰﬡᘐ ℱᖇᗝᙢ ᔕᙡᓮﬡᘐᔕᙓ♈ ♈ᗝ ᔕᙓჯ
ᓰﬡ ♈ᖺᙓ ᙡᗢᗢᕍᔕ ᙡᓰ☂ᖺ ♈ᖺᗴ ♈ᗩᗯﬡᎩ-
ᖺᗩᓰᖇᗴᖱ ᘐᓰᖇᒪ ᗯᖺᗢ Ⅴᗴჯᗴᔕ ᖺᓰᔕ ᖱᖇᙓᗩᙢᔕ
ᓰﬡ ᙢᙓᖇᙢᗩᓮᖱ ℱᗢᖇᗰ, ᗩᒪᒪ ᙡᙓ♈ ᗩﬡᕍ
ᔕᗩᔕᔕᎩ ᔕᖰᒪᗩᔕᖺᎩ, ᔕᙓﬡᔕ⋒ᗩᒪᒪᎩ
⋒ﬡᖙ⋒ᒪᗩ♈ᓮﬡᘐ ᗝᐯᙓᖇ ᖺᓰᗰ, ᖺᓰᔕ ⋒ﬡᖙᙓᖇ-
ᙡᙓᗩᖇ ᕍᖇᙓﬡᙅᖺᙓᖱ ᗩᔕ ᕊᒪ⋒ᙓ ᒪᗩﬡᘐ⋒ᗩᘐᙓ
ᖲ⋒ᕊᖲᒪᙓᔕ ᖲᙓ♈ᙡᙓᗴﬡ ☂ᖺᙓᙢ.
ᒪᙓ♈ ♈ᖺᙓ ᖙᖇᗴᗩᙢ♈ᗩﬡḰ ᖇ⋒ᔕᖺ ᗩﬡᖱ
ᗢⅤᗴᖇℱᒪᗢᙡ, ᗯᗩ♈ᙓᖇᓮﬡᘐ ᗩﬡ ᗴᗩᖇ♈ᖺ૪
ᕊᗴᖇ♈ᖺ ☂ᗢ ᑕ⋒ᔕᖺᓰᗢﬡ ♈ᖺᙓ ᙡᓰᖱᗴ-
ᗩᗯᗩḰᙓ ᖱᗩᎩ ᗯᓰ♈ᖺᗢ⋒♈ ᖺᙓᖇ.

(Do not enter the forest deep.
Let the boy sleep there, rooted
in the mossy creep of soil
stretching from swingset to sex
in the woods with the tawny-
haired girl who vexes his dreams
in mermaid form, all wet and
sassy splashy, sensually
undulating over him, his under-
wear drenched as blue language
bubbles between them.
Let the dreamtank rush and
overflow, watering an earthy
berth to cushion the wide-
awake day without her.

Written for The Mag: Mag 114 that inspired with the above photo prompt  
 (image by Alex Stoddard).       



Brian Miller said...

the underwear drenched between them...umm...maybe...haha....i am fascinated by the ruins in the first that was pretty cool and i did fairly well at reading did feel like an ancient warning

Kat Mortensen said...

Wowza! That "blue language" is a fantastic phrase floating in the midst of one of your all time best, Lydia!

Kathe W. said...

wow- floating wet dreams- powerful and sensual.

and on another subject I think that mountain is Mt Hood- it was taken a few days ago my our good friend up in POrtland who bought my two kayaks ( I am thinking for down here inflatables might be just the ticket.)

Rob-bear said...

Hmmmm. Bear knows the woods better than Humans do. Place of intrigue and surprises, a resting place for thinking brave new thoughts, and occasionally boys out of blue pants making love to tawny-haired girls.

Too bad it is only a dream! But a wonderful dream.

Leovi said...

Excellent sensual wordplay.

Kay said...

loved this..and your weird script had me squinting!!! glad you translated .ha!!

versebender said...

Wow...this was quite an attention grabber. This piece was wildly evocative....good stuff! Vb

Daydreamertoo said...

I bet he was having some wet dreams too. Mermaids indeed! Totally diff take on the pic, very nice too :)

Fireblossom said...

Aw. He'll spend the day in a chair, hoping she'll be there, but she never comes?

Poor dreamer. :-(

Lydia said...

Brian~ Some sort of ancient warning, indeed. The site where I found the font went into detail about how the woman developed this font (she thought it looked like a wave but I like your take better).

Kat~ Really? It pleases me for you to tell me that! Thanks for such valuable feedback.

Kathe~ Kayaks! Of course. Last night I realized I said they were canoes, I think. Anyway, the shot is beautiful.

Rob-bear~ Bears who know the forest and all about dreaming for extended periods are most deserving of wonderful dreams!

Leovi~ Thank you!

Kay~ Thanks, and I sure realized I needed to translate it when I couldn't figure out a few of the words I had just composed and had to consult my Notepad original!

versebender~ I thought the image itself was quite the attention grabber! Thanks for your visit and comment.

Daydreamer~ Yes, indeed. You will notice that it was one of the labels at the end. ;)

Fireblossom~ Poor dreamer, yes. But is it not better to have dreamed and lost than never to have dreamed at all? ;)

kj said...



lydia!! i am hot reading this! i'm about to strip down and pretend i'm 17 in the woods!!

you've nailed this times a zillion. submit it, lydia. it is one of your finest.

okay, so maybe i'm not thinking straight right now. i'm waving the newspaper in front of my face thinking maybe i should cool down



goatman said...

I love the "sassy splashy", good one.
Although I can't say I am enamoured of the photo.
Who would set up such a thing?

kj said...

still breathing heavily..


zongrik said...

i like the alliterated line

sassy splashy sensually

and i like the mermaid

(merman? in this case?)

Rob-bear said...

Haunting image; intriguing post. Had to come back for a second time, to think some more.

Arooj said...

what an interpretation of the image.

''to cushion the wide awake day without her''

we all need some kind of tools to erase bad memories.

Lydia said...

kj~ Woman, you need a cold lake to jump into! Your comments just tickled me and made me smile :)
btw, deep breathing is actually good for you!

goatman~ 'Zactly, who would do that?! I wasn't enamoured of the photo, either.

zongrik~ Thank you. I thought the boy may be dreaming of a mermaid, which would, I guess, make him a merman. :)

Rob-bear~ These woods are your home and it is your right to roam around all you want. :)

Arooj~ Thank you. I must say that the beautiful color you are wearing in your picture would erase bad memories just looking at it.

jane.healy said...

I have dropped out of the Mags for a couple of weeks so have come across this one by chance - love your take.

Tess Kincaid said...

Swing set to sex...oh yeah...I like that...

Lydia said...

jane~ I admire the folks who can do a mag plus other writing prompts each and every week. I am not one of them either. Thanks for reading this one of mine and for your comment.

Tess~ Thanks much. It sure was a weird image this week, but I enjoyed working with it a lot. :)

Kutamun said...

If he wishes to love her he must enter her element. Thanks !

Lydia said...

Kutumun~ So true! Thanks for your words of wisdom.



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