Friday, April 6, 2012

Ode to a Leporid

 Image: The End of Banality by Starla Halfmann

Coming soon are spring Easter hours

and fond memories of shining flowers

in soft dewy grasses

that wet our small asses

when squatting down, hoping

a fine Leporid ceased loping

in that sweet spot to gently hide

the prized colored egg, great pride

of its enchanted young finder.

Thanks Easter Bunny! You couldn't be kinder.

Written for Friday Flash 55 - My post in exactly 55 words- For the G-Man.



Brian Miller said...

smiles....did you just say i had a small ass? why thank you...haha...def looking forward to coloring eggs on saturday and hiding them....

Rob-bear said...

Glad you hopped right in there with a fine seasonal post.

Blessings and Bear hugs at Easter.

Yvonne Osborne said...

Oh! If it's warm and sunny I'd love to hide Easter eggs outside. But now there's nobody to look for them.

This is quite lovely. We didn't care if our small asses got wet. We wouldn't have even noticed.

G-Man said...

Lydia Dear...
I loved the positive, cherished memory aspect of your very cool post. You always give us a Top Notch 55.
Loved it!!
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End
Happy Easter

G-Man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PattiKen said...

Aw, that's charming.

izzy said...

Well did you try to teach me the Latin Family, species thing ?
love the Easter fun! but I will have to go hunt for my glasses and then
get to work- Happy Spring!

mythopolis said...

sweet...oh to be a kid again with my small ass dragging the ground and in live with the Easter Bunny!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Have a great Easter!

kim said...

Loved this. And that picture is gorgeous and so colorful. It made me smile. :)

kj said...

hello dear lydia,

the small ass comment is probably a group favorite :^)

the easter bunny appreciates this poem. another 55 words? i like this

happy bunny weekend ♥

Lydia said...

Brian~ We all did at one time! I am so tickled thinking of you coloring and hiding eggs. Good Dad!

Rob-bear~ I do love that Easter Bunny. Best wishes to you this holiday, too. :)

Yvonne~ We really didn't care, did we? Funny how I remember that it happened, though! Wishing you a warm weekend with happy moments.

G-Man~ Because you called me Lydia Dear I am messaging the Easter Bunny to bring you his/her (gotta be pc) prize egg. Have a great weekend. :)

PattiKen~ Thank you!

izzy~ Happy Spring to you, and I wish our weather would catch on (brrrr). Don't worry. I had to look up that family species Latin name for bunnies.

mythopolis~ Indeed, myth. But that is what memories are for. And that is what friends are share the memories.

Phivos~ Thank you. Same to you!

kj~ I hope Emily Rabbit liked this (including the small asses part) and I wish you both a great weekend.

moondustwriter said...

the pic is perfect for the 55
hope you found an egg or two
have a gr8 week

Kathe W. said...

its enchanted young finder
has a damp behinder

very sweet funny poem.

Lydia said...

moondustwriter~ Thanks! The week is good so far, and I hope the same is true for you.

Kathe~ You are so fun to add to the piece that way. Thanks so much! :)



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