Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Flash 55 — Twilight Zoned

Twilight Zoned

Is a man's home really his castle —
Are you truly the boss of your shoes —
Do you dream of a life without hassle,
to gamble with nothing to lose?
Try out the couch in one house — grow
weary of pink paint, then move
across town with a new spouse, slow
lovin' with nothing to prove.....

Written for Friday Flash 55 - My post in exactly 55 words - for the G-Man.

• Read about the human dollhouse (top image) here.



jane.healy said...

Oh what a fabulous moral to the tale ...

G-Man said...

I remember that TZ episode.
Lydia...A bit quirky this week eh?
LOVED Your 55!!!!
'The Boss of your shoes?'
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

izzy said...

What a great song you made of it!
and I love the photo too!

rosaria williams said...

Most delightful!

ds said...

No I am not the boss of my whimsical, Lydia. Love it! Thank you.

Freda said...

Having to get used to being back in a house again after the evovative days in a campervan....... moving around..... no responsibilities, no chores. Easier than moving from one house or one man/partner to another. Wonderful poem that produces wonderful smiles. It is good to be back!

Mama Zen said...

Love the flow of this!

Wander said...

Slow loving, with nothing to loose ...very good line...I very much like the flow of this piece!


Eric (Bubba) Alder said...

Really surreal 55, Lydia!

Brian Miller said... have some nice wisdom in this one we dictate to our shoes where they go...or does that give us just another excuse...

Lydia said...

jane~ Thanks!

G-Man~ Quirky, I guess! The shoes bit came from something a co-worker told me about her little granddaughter years ago. I guess she was suggesting which shoes to wear for an outing, and the kid put her hands on her hips, looked up at her grandma, and said, "I am the boss of my shoes!"

izzy~ Thanks! When I saw that photo I saved it on my desktop for a future 55, as I found it quite captivating.

rosaria~ Thanks!

ds~ I am not as much the boss of my shoes anymore, now that my feet dictate which shoes they will wear comfortably!

Freda~ Well, it certainly is good to have you back, my adventuresome friend!

Mama Zen~ Thanks!

Wander~ That pleases me; thanks.

Bubba~ I just realized how "surreal" and "Serling" (as in Rod Serling of the Twilight Zone) sound a bit similiar, which is certainly fitting.

Brian~ Indeed, indeed. While pondering such things, I do hope you are enjoying a wonderful vacation. :)

susan said...

I may be the boss of my shoes when it comes to choosing which pair, but the destination of the feet wearing them is wherever I've stopped after putting one in front of the other.

I loved this and the open house.

Fireblossom said...

I love those last two lines.

If I were that little girl, my doll town would be more Tim Burton-ish. With a Danny's Coffee Shop in the middle. ;-)

Lydia said...

susan~ That open house caught my fancy just as dollhouses did when I was a kid. Forget the dolls, I loved the architecture and design.
Ever notice that you often live where, if you walked in a certain direction and kept on walking, you'd be at water's edge? :)

Fireblossom~ Thanks. Your doll town would be such an amazing place, and everyone would surely congregate at Danny's Coffee Shop. Poetry readings?



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