Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mag 163 — shadow

There is that moment between
languishing in a hot bath
and toweling off with dense
soft terrycloth, when, between
standing in scented moist nakedness
and slipping into a nightgown,
a shadow silhouette of
the body long lived in
appears in the lowlight,

Written for The Mag: Mag 163 that inspired with the above photo prompt
(Woman With a Towel, 1898, Edgar Degas). 


Kutamun said...

Such a sensual liminal zone tou depict , cheers

izzy said...

More shadows- low light very interesting! Thanks.

Fireblossom said...

My teeth are usually chattering, so I never noticed! I tend to fall asleep about two minutes after I settle into a hot bath, and I only wake up when it's gone cold. Sometimes Bosco decides he wants me out and he starts nosing the shower curtain. Coming, boss!

Helen said...

Lydia, you captured that hazy
in-between state beautifully.
.. 'the body long lived in' yes. Then back to reality.

Rob-bear said...

i also felt the "body long lived in." What a marvellous phrase! Perhaps a little saggy and lumpy, but still so desirable.

Here's to warm, wet relaxation.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting

Lydia said...

Kutamun~ So appreciated your comments. Thanks.

izzy~ You mentioned something that I was not previously aware of: I do> use shadows and light a lot in my poems. :)

Fireblossom~ Bosco the boss of the bath! Space heater=lack of teeth chattering. :)

Helen~ Thanks much. Ha, when you wrote "then back to reality" I suddenly remembered that 60s-70s TV ad campaign with the woman saying "Calgon, Take Me Away!"

Rob-bear~ I love that you like that phrase...thanks! The woman in Degas' painting is young, but I think even she would be a bit surprised at her shadow silhouette. As for my own shadow, tummy not as large as hers but it still sent me straight to my yoga mat!!!

Theresa Milstein said...

I must confess, I hate that moment between steamy warmth of the shower and warmth of clothing.

Katherine said...

What we see of ourselves can vary greatly from the eyes of our beholder sees. After reading many poems inspired by this prompt,I am surprised at how many people note the imperfections of this woman. When gaze upon her, I see a beautiful, desirable woman. I enjoyed reading your poem.

Lydia said...

Theresa~ Oh, I hope you don't hate it too much. It's best, I think, to use any discontent as a catalyst to either change or accept what is. :)

Katherine~ I ashamedly admit that I have not read many mags this week, an intend to make the rounds as best I can this weekend, including to your post. I think she looks okay, but I am glad that I don't have the challenges of her particular body type. I prefer Degas' ballerinas!

Fireblossom said...

Yes, I had thought of the space heater idea, but the Boss doesn't like it that warm. ;-)



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